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  1. Brilliant, not only unemployed but I've got to pay £10 to see what my ex employer has written. And what about the fact that the NHS appeared to completely forget to let me know about the withdrawal of employment. What about that they were in possession of the, what I'm assuming was such a terrible reference, for six weeks prior to me finding out, and only because I contacted them! Why didn't they inform me immediately, that way at least I could have moved on. What excuse are they going to give, and why will a simple apology suffice for the damage they have caused. It appears to me that as long
  2. A brief history of my dilema. What I write is completely tue, please believe me as there would be absolutely no point in holding details back or twisting the truth. Several years of working in a private hospital specialising in mental health problems. Many occasions being asked to break policy and procedures due to logistic difficulties, which I refused to do every time. This didn't go down well with management. Witnessing terrible abuse against service users which led to me threatening to whistle blow. Accused of being a trouble maker. Contacted CQC and was advised by them to not take
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