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  1. If he is, I disagree. You were guaranteeing to pay your daughter's liability under the tenancy agreement. Your daughter's liability under the tenancy agreement is the entire amount.
  2. I don't see what's difficult about this. Call the police Find somewhere else to live.
  3. Get a provisional driving license for £34. It's basically an official ID card that lasts 10 years. You don't need to actually take any lessons https://www.gov.uk/apply-first-provisional-driving-licence
  4. The law's the same regardless of which consumer advice site you ask on
  5. If the OP is complaining about the magistrate's lack of impartiality, doesn't that suggest things didn't quite go as swimmingly as the sentence immediately beforehand was trying to claim?
  6. Or just do a factory reset through recovery mode http://www.ieenews.com/reset-iphone-without-password/
  7. You don't say when the divorce was made absolute. Were the policies cashed in before or after the divorce? If it was before, why didn't the financial settlement take account of the policies being cashed in? If it was after, why didn't you sort out the policies at the time?
  8. Penzance station has signs all over the place, and especially on the entrance to the platforms, making it clear that you have to buy a ticket before boarding.
  9. You got on a train without a ticket, having walked past ticket machines and (depending on the time of day) a ticket office. That's a criminal offense. You're lucky to be offered a chance to avoid a prosectuion. Pay up and take some responsibility for your own actions.
  10. If you think paying £80 is unfair, just wait until you get fined £hundreds + £hundreds in costs in court when you're found guilty of not producing a valid ticket, for which you have no defence whatsoever.
  11. No, the first available opportunity was at Ilkley before getting on the train.
  12. Your son perviously logged into Amazon from the same browser. You aren't logged into his account, a cookie is remembering his name and previous searches, but if you try to do anything accounty you'll have to log in.
  13. Are they actually from O2 or are they just 'representing' O2 - i.e. nothing to do with O2, just flogging O2 contracts?
  14. Nor, apparantly, anything you read in this thread or the websites it links to.
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