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  1. Thank you for your reply, I have been trying all over to get this sorted but it seems the new schemes mean require the boiler to be over 5 years old, its very frustrating but on a positive note it is saving me a fortune on my prepayment meters as I was putting about £10 a day in the meters which was crippling me although being without running hot water is proving difficult .But than you for your advice. Regards Lynette.
  2. I had a combi boiler system put in through the warm front scheme four & half years ago, I am registered disabled & my boiler broke 4 weeks ago but I can find any help anywhere as local plumbers will not touch it because it is an ideal combi boiler system installed through the Warm Front scheme who ceased in January this year but my system is under 5 years old so I don't qualify for any of the new schemes. I have a daughter we have had no heating or running hot water for the last 4 weeks my disability causes loss of feeling from the waist down which means I d
  3. I have been with the Yorkshire Bank for approx 15 years there has always been money going into the account be it benefits or salary.But I only have a basic debit card account I went into my branch just after xmas as I had £170 of bank charges taken the day before xmas eve.The lady I saw said she could not upgrade my account which was a joke as my 21 year old unemployed son had walked in there last year & was immediately given a current account including £200 over draft facility.All I wanted was an account that would allow me to have a small overdraft of £50 because the majority of my fees
  4. I am in a mess because of GE Money.I remortgaged with them in 2007 when a broker just cold called,I was self employed had never had a mortgage independently he proceeded to put down estimated figures for my income as I had only recently become self employed & had no books to speak of.He then encouraged me to take some extra finance on top for home improvements etc & advised as I was self employed not to have the Payment protection as it would not cover me & I received a letter confirming it was not in place.Then my business went under & within 12 month I was taken to court for
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