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  1. Absolutely, and I'll give credit where it is due.
  2. I suppose positive experiences can also be posted here. This is about The Catalogue Bargain Store in Walsall - For those who don't know, they are part of Argos and sell off the end of range items, customer returns and goods damaged itransit. I had a Bush tumble dryer that developed a fault 2 weeks ago. After the cycle had finished, something went wrong. My son came to me and asked if I could smell burning, no, but we went downstairs to check. Opened the tumble dryer and smoke came billowing out and as I pulled the towels out and they hit air, they burst into flame. The 1 year warran
  3. I am 32 months into a 48 month agreement with Moneybarn and have just completed the Sec 99 letter copied from another thread on here. It will be sent via recorded mail later this morning. I will update this thread with progress as and when things happen. Just one quick question though, I have declared the vehicle as SORN. How does this affect things if they want me to take it to their agent? Thanks in advance
  4. dx100uk - I quoted those figures to show that it would not be worth me trading the car in against a new one.
  5. Hi all, I have a car on finance with MB, the agreement commenced in March 2017 and I took it on a 48 month term, so I am well past the 50% mark. There are no arrears and I have never missed a payment. The settlement figure is £2750 but the trade in value is now only around £1850 which is too much of a gap to make up. If I VT correctly according to the guidelines contained in a number of discussions on this site, would this have any sort of influence on my credit file that may prevent me from getting another finance deal at a better rate than MB offer? I do
  6. Thank you. I have got a sense that rent should be paid - even though he doesn't really deserve it.I don't think there will be an issue with the Sec 21 notice & I don't think I'm going to try to argue it. My issue is the way the LL has done this & I want to seek redress against him for damages. I'm just not sure if I actually do have a claim or not.
  7. Here is a copy of my letter of complaint: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN UNSAFE AND UNHYYGENIC CONDITIONS: I refer to numerous conversations with members of your staff as well inspection reports over the last 18 months in addition to the SMS conversation between myself and ***** on 20 November when I was told that a damp inspection would be conducted. It is disappointing but not surprising that 4 weeks later, once again, nothing has been done.I would like to highlight some of the issues which are of immediate and serious concern. You are already aware of some of these.This house
  8. I hope I'm posting this on the correct sub-forum. I have been renting my house through an estate agency for just over 5½ years now. I have never missed or been late with a rent payment but have a landlord who just does not want to deal with problems. Over the last 2 years, I have been complaining about damp and mould in the house which has been getting progressively worse. In November, I received a message from the agency asking why I had not sent them an updated tenancy agreement and their fee. My response to them was to ask why I should pay them a fee when they have not been acting for
  9. They are also taking their merry time about sending the information back to me. I'm not sure what the time limit is?
  10. Thanks dx, I'll do that. Any idea how I should approach the aspect of the misinformation on my credit file?
  11. Hi folks, I hope someone can give me some advice here. A few years ago I sank into the payday loan trap with Wage Day Advance. I borrowed money and for a long time just paid the monthly interest. In Sept/Oct 2011, I didn't extend, they took their money & I borrowed more but then stopped paying them. I had some bloke from a collection company in Liverpool phone me a few times and I eventually told him that I had paid enough and wasn't going to pay them any more. He went away. On 18 Oct 2012, I rceived an e-mail from Motor Mile Finance headed NOTICE OF LEGA
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