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  1. Absolutely, and I'll give credit where it is due.
  2. I suppose positive experiences can also be posted here. This is about The Catalogue Bargain Store in Walsall - For those who don't know, they are part of Argos and sell off the end of range items, customer returns and goods damaged itransit. I had a Bush tumble dryer that developed a fault 2 weeks ago. After the cycle had finished, something went wrong. My son came to me and asked if I could smell burning, no, but we went downstairs to check. Opened the tumble dryer and smoke came billowing out and as I pulled the towels out and they hit air, they burst into flame. The 1 year warranty had expired in October, but I went into the store and asked what could be done and the lady on customer services spoke to a manager and they agreed to exchange it. I chose another one that was priced £20.00 more than the one I had and they waived that cost as a gesture of goodwill (I was happy to pay it) So, here is one happy customer, and a very relieved parent grateful to my son raising the alarm. I've attached a pic of what the dryer looked like....
  3. I am 32 months into a 48 month agreement with Moneybarn and have just completed the Sec 99 letter copied from another thread on here. It will be sent via recorded mail later this morning. I will update this thread with progress as and when things happen. Just one quick question though, I have declared the vehicle as SORN. How does this affect things if they want me to take it to their agent? Thanks in advance
  4. dx100uk - I quoted those figures to show that it would not be worth me trading the car in against a new one.
  5. Hi all, I have a car on finance with MB, the agreement commenced in March 2017 and I took it on a 48 month term, so I am well past the 50% mark. There are no arrears and I have never missed a payment. The settlement figure is £2750 but the trade in value is now only around £1850 which is too much of a gap to make up. If I VT correctly according to the guidelines contained in a number of discussions on this site, would this have any sort of influence on my credit file that may prevent me from getting another finance deal at a better rate than MB offer? I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by doing this, my credit score is only rated as 'Fair' so I'm already at a disadvantage. The car is in reasonable condition, no bumps, scratches, serviced lat year in October but missed the year before. The Blue & Me function does not work thus there is no bluetooth or cruise control. Also, would anyone make a recommendation on any lender I could approach for a new deal? Or is that a no-no on here? Thanks in advance
  6. Thank you. I have got a sense that rent should be paid - even though he doesn't really deserve it.I don't think there will be an issue with the Sec 21 notice & I don't think I'm going to try to argue it. My issue is the way the LL has done this & I want to seek redress against him for damages. I'm just not sure if I actually do have a claim or not.
  7. Here is a copy of my letter of complaint: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN UNSAFE AND UNHYYGENIC CONDITIONS: I refer to numerous conversations with members of your staff as well inspection reports over the last 18 months in addition to the SMS conversation between myself and ***** on 20 November when I was told that a damp inspection would be conducted. It is disappointing but not surprising that 4 weeks later, once again, nothing has been done.I would like to highlight some of the issues which are of immediate and serious concern. You are already aware of some of these.This house has a very serious damp problem which is causing a number of unhygienic and hazardous conditions. Numerous walls in different rooms are in places saturated and water is clearly visible on the walls as well as on the ceilings. This is leading to a number of problems; There is a serious black mould issue throughout the house which has to be treated by myself on a regular basis. This is an issue for me as the mould killer has caused me breathing difficulties on each occasion that I have to use it. My wife is asthmatic and is adversely affected by the mould spores in the atmosphere; Wallpaper and ceiling paper is detaching and rotting in various locations due to the damp in the walls. No redecoration can be done until the damp issue has been resolved. ; The floor in the entrance to the house has completely rotted away and we are now left with a dirty and unsightly hole which is also a trip hazard; We have no electricity in the plugs in 2 of the bedrooms as the circuit board trips – probably due to damp in the wiring and/or sockets. There is also a concern about the safety of the electrical distribution board on a wall that is continuously wet;There is water dripping through the ceiling in various locations in the house. The kitchen cupboards are continuously damp – there is now nowhere to store food and any opened packages attract damp and rot within 1 week leading to unnecessary wastage. The central heating is, due to the damp atmosphere, completely ineffective and the house is now impossible to warm up; Clothing stored in cupboards becomes damp and mouldy within 2 weeks of being washed and we have had to throw away a large amount of good clothing due to mildew and rot; Furniture is warping due to the damp. I have had to throw away 2 cupboards and drawer set that is only 2 years old due to this problem and other items are suffering the same fate; I put a TV in my son’s bedroom and within 1 week the display was ruined due to damp setting on the circuit board; Bedding is continuously damp and no amount of heating is alleviating the problem.We have lived in this house for 5½ years now and as our customer, we do not feel that we are being treated with the respect we deserve. As your customer, we feel that you should have taken positive steps a long time ago when this issue was first brought to your attention to address a problem which has now gotten out of hand. As your customer, we feel that you have failed in your responsibilities and you have let us down.***** sent me an SMS on 20 November to state that you have not received a signed agreement and your fee. I do not have an issue with signing a lease agreement, but can you please tell me why I should pay you a fee when you have failed so miserably to address my concerns? Or would you just collect the fee from me, pretend the problem isn’t there and hope I go away? We are no longer prepared to accept these conditions and demand that you take immediate action to rectify this situation. I expect a firm proposal from you within 4 weeks of the date of this letter on how you will address the issues listed above. If no such commitment is received, I will present this matter to ***** Council Environmental Services and will take whatever action is deemed appropriate to seek redress from yourselves and the landlord.I look forward to your response.
  8. I hope I'm posting this on the correct sub-forum. I have been renting my house through an estate agency for just over 5½ years now. I have never missed or been late with a rent payment but have a landlord who just does not want to deal with problems. Over the last 2 years, I have been complaining about damp and mould in the house which has been getting progressively worse. In November, I received a message from the agency asking why I had not sent them an updated tenancy agreement and their fee. My response to them was to ask why I should pay them a fee when they have not been acting for me in resolving the problems. I didn't have a problem signing a new agreement, but had a moral objection to paying the fee under those circumstances. They responded by stating that I have been changed to a periodic tenancy.Last week I sent a letter of complaint to the agency listing the problems and their effects as well as a warning that I would approach the council environmental health department after 4 weeks if no action had been taken.Yesterday, I received a Section 21 notice.I do not have the funds to pay another deposit or to even pay for a move. What (realistically) are my options?Do I have any sort of legal recourse against my landlord? If so, should I withhold rent?I am very bitter about this turn of events and I don't think I would like to just let him 'get away' with it and I feel that given his failures he should bear some financial responsibility.I have a deposit in the Deposit Protection Scheme but I do worry about it - The house is in a poor condition due to damp damage and I have a sense of dread feeling that I am going to ripped off. Any advice please!My next post will be a copy of the letter of complaint.Thanks in advance
  9. They are also taking their merry time about sending the information back to me. I'm not sure what the time limit is?
  10. Thanks dx, I'll do that. Any idea how I should approach the aspect of the misinformation on my credit file?
  11. Hi folks, I hope someone can give me some advice here. A few years ago I sank into the payday loan trap with Wage Day Advance. I borrowed money and for a long time just paid the monthly interest. In Sept/Oct 2011, I didn't extend, they took their money & I borrowed more but then stopped paying them. I had some bloke from a collection company in Liverpool phone me a few times and I eventually told him that I had paid enough and wasn't going to pay them any more. He went away. On 18 Oct 2012, I rceived an e-mail from Motor Mile Finance headed NOTICE OF LEGAL ASSIGNMENT OF DEBT and demanding payment from me. I replied to the mail as follows '1. I do not acknowledge or accept this debt. I have requested details of this from a previous collector but have been ignored. 2. I will not allow any 'doorstep' thug access to my property and any representative of your company who attempts to enter my property will be instructed to leave.' They did not respond to me but continued to send e-mails and text messages to me. On 26/11/2012, I replied to another e-mail which stated that my 'agreed repayment plan' was in default. I had no agreed plan with them! My response to them was as follows; '1. When you sent your 1st messages to me, I replied on 24/10/2012 and informed you that I do not acknowledge this debt. I asked for details of this alleged but to date have not had the courtesy of a response. Instead, I now get incessant mails and calls from you. I repeat - I want details of this alleged debt, I am not going to pay anything based on your demands. 2. Further to your message below, there is no agreed repayment plan between me and you. DO NOT make false allegations or misrepresent any fact. I will consider submitting a copy of this mail to the Financial Services Ombudsman as basis of a complaint against you. I will not tolerate such deceit from you and raise a question about your ethics and practices if you can blatantly lie like this. 3. You are hereby warned to now cease your e-mail correspondence and phone messages to me until such time as you can provide proof of any debt as requested on previous occasions. Any further contact from you will be viewed as harassment. 4. Do not even consider attempting to send one of your agents to my home. You and or any agent acting on your behalf are not welcome on my property and have no cause to come here.' Ok, so it's not really professionally worded, but I thought it may elicit a response. It did not. They continued to send e-mails threatening court action and unannounced home visits and special offers etc - all of which I have ignored. Yesterday, one of their agents did knock on my door. I was not rude, but I told him that until his company had the courtesy to respond to my mails, I would not discuss the matter with him. I told him that until I had correspondence from them, he should not come back. His reply to me was (somewhat sarcastically) that he wouldn't be back, he would just send a bailiff instead. Within an hour, I had an e-mail from the homevisit manager demanding contact & threatening legal & bailiff action due to my refusal to discuss the matter with the agent. I have replied to this mail by pasting a copy of my e-mail from last year. The response to this is that they have posted copies of the agreement to me now. I don't know if their failure to respond to me can form the basis of any sort of complaint, but it certainly isn't very professional of them to ignore my requests for information. Or am I under the wrong impression? The next aspect of MMFs conduct is what I have today seen on my credit report. Reading a different post on CAG, I learned about Noddle & have registered there. The MMF entry on my credit file is disturbing. I have found the following inaccuracies in the entry; The account type is listed as 'Mail Order' - I have never had a mail order account! The account start date is 30/09/2012 - My WDA account was in 2011; The date of default is shown as 01/12/2012 - Surely that is wrong? What can/should I do now? Any advice welcome & thank you
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