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  1. It gets better , i just popped home to ring swift and the letter off the bailiff is a final notice letter about carrying out a distress warrant and when i rung them they wouldnt speak to me as the court had given them the wrong date of birth for me so they couldnt confirm my identity , could ii use that to buy me some time by my girlfriend showing the bailiff my driving licence withmy correct date of birth and saying that he mught be after the wrong person ?
  2. I just spoke to the courts and they said they cant prove they sent it but its not their fault i didnt recieve the further steps notice and because i ecieved the original summons i am umable to appeal and they will not deal with it , i have got to deal with the bailiff and even if i paid the original fine direct to the court they would still allow the bailiff to pursue me for thier fees . I think it is totally unfair and wrong as i am willing to pay the fine but im not willing to pay double just to cover some bully boys wages
  3. Thanks for the replys and i had a summons a while back and i pleaded guilty by post and then they informed me i had been fined £340 . I put it to the back of my mind and forgot about it and then last week i had a letter off swift infroming me that a bailiff will be calling and he called this morning . I rung the courts today and they told me i would have to deal with the bailiff as its in their hands now and the courts cant do anything about it . Am i correct in thinking that the bailiff cant force entry in the morning unless he tells the magistrates that im totally refusing to pay ? I
  4. Hi my girlfriend just had a visit off the bailiff at 6.50 this morning regarding an unpaid fine ( car tax ) . The fine was issued by a magistrates court but i honestly forgot about it until i had a letter off the bailiff company ( swift credit ) . She opened the door to them but did not allow them in and they told her unless the full amount was paid they would be back with a van and locksmith at 7am tomorrow morning as he has a distress warrant off the court . I rang him on the number he left and explained i could not afford the £600 by tomorrow and could we agree on a payment plan
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