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  1. i've been trying to get it sorted for 9 weeks,my daughter had an operation on her hand and we had to come home to a freezing house and no hot water...i told them this but nobody contacts me even though i'm told they will.,my experience has been shockingly bad to say the least
  2. i also had this advice from the CAB.... UK law defines a representation as 'a statement of fact, made during pre-contractual negotiations; as an inducement to enter into a contract'. As such, if a purchaser discovers that such a statement of fact is false, they could claim the seller has misrepresented the product and hold the seller in breach of contract. This could allow the purchaser to seek damages or rescission (be placed back into their pre-contractual status) or an indemnity for any expenses. Therefore if you can provide reasonable argument that the trader disclosed fals
  3. I have had exactly the same thing happen to me....I was sold my policy over the phone and was assured that all parts and labour were covered by the policy. I've had no heating or hot water for 9 weeks , I was never sent the terms and conditions and have had the policy for a few years ,completely at my wits end and sick with worry
  4. On 12th March 2013 my boiler had broken down and I called the Customer Service helpline on Wednesday 13th March, to log a call for an engineer to come and look at the boiler. An Engineer arrived at my property on Friday 15th March and confirmed to me that he needed to order 3 mechanical parts for the boiler to work again. I also informed him that there was a leak coming from the boiler. The engineer informed me that he had to e-mail my insurance company and seek authorisation to order the parts in which to rectify the problem with the boiler. At this time we had very thick snow and
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