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  1. Consultations were one to one, they involved telling me I have to sign and how many hours they can give me which is 9. No justification apart from saving money, which cannot be true as they have took 2 new staff on at the same time. I've heard I can make a complaint to the rights commission but I've no idea who these are or how to contact them.
  2. Ok I'm not sure what to do here I'm in a mess now. I have read all online but it's just general pages I need some human input and help here from someone who knows a little about what they are advising on. I have worked for next for 3 years Last year they reduced my contract from 16 to 13 hours I said yes because I was told I had no choice, this year again they have said to me they are now reducing my contract from 13 to 9 hours. I do not agree, all part time employees are being forced to do this, yet they have taken on an apprentice and a full time employee whilst trying to force me to accept this change. I can not live on a 9 hour contract, it seems unreasonable to me that they can do this and tell me that I do not have any choice in the matter. My boss is telling me daily I need to sign this contract but I don't want to I do not want a 9 hour contract. I want to try and push them to keep me as I am, I'm liked, I work well I have good reports so there is no penalisation here. It's just something they have started doing yearly and thing they can get away with. There is nothing in my contract that says they can do this so I am confused. Regards Jay
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