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  1. My apologies if this appears in the wrong place which I think it is, but I am new and when I tried to post in the Bank sector I was messaged 'This forum is not accepting new posts!' I have a Cardsave Merchant Services online facility which I have never used. I have been paying £24/month. I knew I was in a 12 month contract, so waited until twelve months were up then cancelled my contract. I am then told by the cancellations department that I needed to cancel before the end of 12 months giving 30 days notice otherwise the contract rolls over into another 12 months. I therefore needed to cancel in month 23, or it would roll over again! I am therefore to be charged £150 cancellation fee plus a further 12 months at £24/month. £438! Nice little earner! 1) Is this even lawful? 2) Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this one?
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