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  1. THANX DX thats what i thought ive stood my ground told them that they cant charge me for it they expect payment of £192 in 4 days and now wont correspond with me to sort it out what can i do now what route can i take because im not paying the £192
  2. i have an on going dispute with jacobs bailiffs i had a council tax debt of £630 plus charges of £192 ive paid the £630 debt off straight to the council but im not willing to pay the £192 . because on the breakdown of fees it states i asked for on the 2nd april 2013 they charged me £192 for a van attendence and a extra hand when at that point no levy had ever been made on any of my possecions it was only on that day they levied my car in my absence so on the 2nd april 2013 they charged me £120 for the van attendence £24 for an extra hand and £48 levy fee done i
  3. yes thats what it says he turned up 2nd april in a van and a extra head he levied my car in my absence and never posted a seizure notice charged me £192 so he brought a van with an extra head to take stuff even though no levy on anything had been done
  4. because i requested a breakdown of charges and when and why they were charged and it stated he charged for for it all on the same day on the 2nd april 2013
  5. thats what i thought ive paid the 1st and 2nd fee already and im happy to pay the levy fee if it was lawful but to charge van fee and extra head on the same vist i will put that to them straight away im willing to pay the levy but nothing else and see what they say
  6. hi there would love it if someone could advise me on my bailiff problem i had a payment agreement set up with jacobs bailiff company but due to my mum passing away and my mind else were i missed a payment in jan 2013 i then called them up to make a double payment to bring the arears on the account up date. I was told i couldnt because it had gone out to a bailiff jxxxxn cxxxxy and i would now have to sort it out with him which i did i contacted him and we agreed to another plan for me to pay £50 a month a week later he contacted me saying the bailiff company refused it because previ
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