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  1. I have no idea what has been levied, I couldn't tell you as they haven't been in my property. They also charged me £242.50 x2 for the van at no time have I ever seen these bailiffs attend my property. I am going to ask for the bailiffs name who attended my property and get him to sign a decleration that he did put it through my door with the date and the time and I will take it to court as they are doing Fraud and it is not on. I have contacted my local MP.
  2. I could ask and see if he would mind he is an elderly man and there is no CCTV I know they will dispute it just as they have about saying they have sent other letters which I havent received. They are also charging me a levy charge but I wasn't even at home. I have written a letter to my MP and copied in the council tax department and I will see if that does anything
  3. can anyone advise where I stand legally with the council as they have appointed Newlyns to work on behalf of them and if Newlyns have breached Data Protection Act, the local Council must be at fault somewhere?!
  4. I rang the bailiffs as I was so angry, they basically said I was lying. I asked for them to confirm the day and time that the bailiff posted the letter and I wanted to proof. The rep;ly I got was anything I have to say put it in writing as I am the Debtor not the customer they are not here to help me just to recover the money. I asked for a copy of the telephone conversation that I had with her and I was advised it is £35.00 for every 10 minutes of the conversation. I have written to the council but they do not seem to be helping either.
  5. Hi, Can somebody please advise me if the Bailiffs pining a letter addressed to myself on the communal notice board in my block of flats is legal for them to do. My neighbour advised me that there was an envelope addressed to myself pinned on the communal notice board for me. When I looked in the envelope it was a letter from Newlyn Bailiffs stating that they have visited my property and they will be gaining access to my flat within 24 hours. I have a dispute with the council at the moment regarding my council tax and they advised the bailiffs were on hold. I thought letters had to be post
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