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  1. Thank you citizenb for your ultra fast response! I do not wish to fight the CCJ as the debt is deffinately mine. They had sent me the correct warning letters and defaulted my account. I had just spent number of months burying my head in the sand, As some folks do (but really shouldn't) It wouldn't appear to me that any unfair charges have been added on Although I can't be sure it just appears to be a few court costs. So my new plan of action shall be printing a copy of a N245 form and mailing this to Northhampt.. County court stating my proposed payment plan. Do you
  2. First of all I'd like to say sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place. I'm a little simple and really need some help. I have today received a CCJ (one sheet letter from Northhampt county court) Apparently I was supposed to have recieved a form to send back to them Which I don't at all remember getting apparantly is a blue? Form? I don't remember receiving any blue mail... So the court has ordered that I pay my creditor £650 "forthwith" Which from what I can gather means..like now. Or well that I have 30 days to pay the lump sum. I really want to pay this debt but I
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