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  1. Thank you everybody for your help. I have been able to make an arrangement with the council and they are going to contact the bailiffs today and " call them off". Thank you very much for all of your advice.
  2. How do Isign a Statutory Declaration? What is it and where do I get one. Apologies for so many questions but I am pancked about this, my parents are terrified of car being taken and I need to act quickly.
  3. When you say it could be classed as invalid is there any way that I can make sure that it is classed as invalid. And how do I ensure that they are aware that none of the other goods belong to me? I am worried that they will just come into the garden and take my parents mower and garden furniture if there is nobody around. And if they take them, how can I get them back for my parents?
  4. Thanks for that. So what will happen to my car. I cant move it, it doesnt run, will they take it? What about my parents goods outside the house (their car and things like furniture and mowers in the garden sheds). What about the garage? Can they go into the garage and take items?
  5. Thanks, so what do I actually do? Do I just explain when they arrive that nothing of any value is mine or do my parents I need receipts etc.
  6. More Information Sorry, my first post was written in some panic, so here is some more information. The debt is for non-payment of Council Tax some 5 years ago. At that time I was on Disability Allowance and in a bad way. The debt is £530 and I do not have the money. I have a car outside my parents house, but it doesnt run and the value is negligiable. Aside from that I do not have any assets, I lost everything when I lost my house about 2 years ago. I just have my clothes and a few books. Nothing of any value.
  7. I am currently staying with my parents and I have received a hand delivered letter from Jacobs Bailiffs. I am terrified that they will remove my parents goods to pay off my debts. What can I do as I am currently unemployed and receive only JSA each week. The letter says 24 hours notice of another visit by bailiffs. Can they take my parents car?
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