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  1. I think I left the original one in the car. the form was a vehicle loan form. they sent me a copy Unfortunately, It does say in the small print insurance policy excess £1000.00.They have also sent me an itemised bill dated 18th May which says a total cost of 1535. Should I be paying it to the insurance company not toyota anyway. The letter I received i have received is from toyota legal services department. I don't think it is a claim form. they are asking me to pay by cheque which I don't want to.I would rather pay by credit card because it is a lot of money to find in one go and I think
  2. the paper I signed was a vehicle loan form. Should I ring their insurance company for advice. How do I ensure they will claim on my behalf?
  3. This is the first time I have posted to this so excuse me if it rambles. About two months ago my car started having problems. I was constantly finding I was having to top up with coolant and then one day it overheated. so I took it to the local garage who informed me that it might be a 'blown head gasket'. My car was not out of warranty but it was not old. I looked on line and found that this was a particular problem with toyota cars. I also found that toyota had put out a bulletin to repair this free of charge if the car was not so old and had regular servicing
  4. Just had a 'final demand' from streamline for £167.71. I had to think who on earth these people are and remembered that I was once contemplating having a website for my holiday home. This was over a year ago but as far as I was aware nothing actually happened. They certainly never hosted a website for me and I have had no contact from then until this letter arrived through my letter box today! Not even an invoice! Obviously I wont be paying these buffoons a penny.
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