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  1. Hi all, I'm really hoping someone on here can assist me with my dilemma, its rather long winded so please bear with me.. I took a loan out with HFC Bank in 2001 with my at the time partner (and father of my child). I was pregnant at the time, so HFC said it would need to be a joint loan as I was due to go on maternity leave soon, so it ended up having his name on it too. He wasn't working at the time I must add, so found this all a bit odd!! The loan was for £4000 over 60 months @ £140 p/m. Anyway, ALL the repayments were made by me, came from my bank and I never missed a single payment right up until when the loan was cleared. Also, I split with my partner in 2003. So, this year I decided to see about reclaiming the PPI back that I paid on it, as when I took the loan out I was told I had to have PPI added or wouldn't be successful. The box on the credit agreement was already ticked for me so I never really would have had much choice! (I had also taken out another loan with HFC in 2004, but this was just by myself and was for a purchase agreement for about £1500 so added that one to my claim as well). So after a few letters going back and forth to HFC, or HSBC which they are now better known as, I was eventually awarded a refund of £3250 which I was more than happy with. All I had to do was sign the paperwork that accepted the refund (and a signature from my ex partner), then send it back to them which I did. But two weeks later I received a letter from them saying my ex partners signature does not match what they have on their records so would need either a copy of passport or drivers licence to verify his signature!! But who's signature would stay the same after over 12 years??! The bug bearer of this is that my ex partner does not hold a passport nor a drivers license so that would be a no go. I phoned HSBC and was told that a photocopy of my ex partners bank card, front and back, and stamped and signed by his bank would be accepted. It should have all been straightforward from now onwards, but it has been anything but. The first time my ex partner eventually went to the bank for me, he only got a bank statement stamped by his bank which needless to say HSBC rejected. He then told me his bank refused to photocopy his bank card for him but they gave him some sort of list of bank cards, and never stamped it which again HSBC rejected. Its difficult to describe the sort of person my ex partner is, he doesn't like going out of his way for anyone regardless of the fact that I am the mother to his child but I have been asking him now since July for him to do this for me but all he's managed to get is what I am not asking for! And now he keeps fobbing me off, is too busy, isn't well, or some other excuse why he cant do it. It seems that he just doesn't want to do it, despite knowing what it is for and insisting he knows the refund is all due to me! I've even offered to give him some money out of it which again he has refused! Also, he lives quite far away so my child only see's him during school holidays, so its not like I see him regularly. The thing is, HSBC are not budging on this and I desperately need this refund as quite frankly, its my money. I'd just like some advice on what other routes I can go down, as now it appears that I may ending up falling out with my ex partner which means I wont get the information I need at all! And that's exactly what HSBC said, without that I wont get my refund which I find incredibly unfair as he had nothing to do with the loan. I hope I've explained all this clearly enough, its all driving me round the twist as this money that is due to me is still tied up with a bank that ultimately screwed me over. It was information on this forum that got me as far as I did with my refund, so I'm really hoping you can help me with this final piece. Thank you in advance
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