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  1. Thanks for the tips, I have had an email from Scan this evening. They think it might be running in a low power state and asked for info regarding this, but it does not seem to run in any different power state. Personally, I suspect the manufacturer, Point of View, might have done something to slow the card to stop it overheating (it is a fanless version with a large heatsink). I know the 620 is not a gaming card, but it has higher graphics specs than an i3 530 and my monitor is only 1366 x 768 so I am sure it should not struggle. If a 620 (release date 15/5/12) cannot cope with such basic things then why would they bother making 210, 220, 420, 430, 520, 530, 605, 610 or any of the numerous lower spec cards? That would mean that only a small selection of their cards would be suitable for a modern PC. Being one of the newer cards, the 620 has more new features than most, but this one could not even play an HD YouTube video without 'tearing' or scroll webpages smoothly.
  2. ericsbrother, thanks for the advice. I cannot return the card without contact from Scan, so does it mean I should do a chargeback and leave it up to Scan to arrange the return? Or do I have then have to assume the responsibility of making sure they get it if I do this? After all, I would then effectively have something I have not paid for.
  3. Yes, tried the ones that came with the card and the most recent ones. There were no Nvidia drivers on my PC until I installed these.
  4. Hi all, I bought a video card on scan.co.uk and it did not improve the desktop graphics performance on my PC. I have a sent a return request to scan.co.uk (within 7 days), but they are not responding in any way. They do not give an email address and their customer service lines are premium rate numbers, so I had to use a web form on their site and got a query number. I have also posted on their forums and sent another return request (still within 7 days), but have no replies. The card is back in its box. I have heard of companies refusing returns, etc, but am not sure what is the best step to take when they are simply ignoring me. Also, I believe the product was of such low quality that I can ask them to pay the postage for this. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks. Technical details: The card was a Point of View GT 620, model VGA-620-C1-1024-P. I used the Windows Experience Index and the desktop graphics performance had actually gone down with it installed! It was slower than the integrated graphics in a 1st generation Intel i3 530! I looked at the specs given in the Nvidia control panel and used GPU-Z software. Neither the Point of View or Scan websites said anything to suggest the card was any different to the standard GT 620 described on Nvidia's website, but the texture fill rate and pixel fill rate were both half of what they should be when compared to the Nvidia specifications (pixel rate = 1.4GPixels/s instead of 2.8GP/s, texture fill rate = 5.6GTexels/s instead of 11.2GT/s). The memory bandwidth was 8.5GB/s instead of 14.4GB/s (the Nvidia control panel said 8.53GB/s). The shader clock should have been 1400MHz, but was blank in GPU-Z. The GPU-Z sensors' statistics go up and down, but also ranged from low to extremely low. Windows still froze and were slow to load. HD video still suffered from 'tearing'. According to Windows Experience Index, 3D gaming performance had improved (from 5.3 to 6.2), but the card is not suitable for modern games and I do not want it for that.
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