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  1. hi elly,no problem,I was getting really worried cos it took ages,kept ringing them and they said they were dealing with it,but the wait was killing me but it was all fine,like I said the gentleman I spoke to was so nice,didnt make me feel bad at all,said if my circumstances worsened to let them know and they could even freeze repayments til I was back on my feet,ur so rite,this site is fantastic,i was so frightened wen I first got my letter,even wen id read things from people on here saying all they wanted was repayment and I wouldn't go to prison,i was still frightened but people reassure you
  2. hi,sorry not been on for awhile but would like to update you all,i told you id sent a letter to hmrc admitting I should have made a joint claim not a single and that I was worried out of my mind,esp as I didn't hear from them for about 6 weeks after the deadline they had given me,but please everyone out there who is in the same state I was,do not worry,i got a letter from them telling me how much I owed ( which was about £9500!! ) and they would be in touch with me to sort out repayments,so then I was in a state wondering how much I would have to pay monthly,once the letter came asking me to
  3. thanks for that,just the wait is killing me,just want it over
  4. omg,sent my letter into hmrc over 3 weeks ago,have rung then twice to see whats happening and they just keep saying they are getting to everyone in date order,the wait is making me a nervous wreck,has anybody else had to wait this long,i just want it over with
  5. hi nikki,just an update,went to see cab on thurs,lady was very helpful,obviously said i shudnt have done it but she had literally had loads of cases like ours lately,agreed with me that a letter was the way to go admitting what id done,that i knew it was wrong and was sorry,she said all they would do when they got my letter,was to write back,with what id been over paid and asking me to ring them to organise repayment,she said not to worry ( easier said than done ) but they wouldnt prosecute or charge me,they would just want repayment,i feel alot better after seeing her so ..........ive done it
  6. hi nikki,i think honestly,like me,best to put it down in a letter,less way of getting confused,like i said,im goin see cab on thurs,will let u no wot they advise but i no its going to be wot im already thinking,just admit to shud have been a joint claim not single ,say sorry an hope for the best possible outcome,i am so scared but dont see wot else i can do,i am hoping the fact i let then no my son left full time education and let them no straight away lets them see i was honest in some way
  7. hi nikki,from wot ive read on here and ive read lots!!!! seems to be they are pretty fair so long as youre honest with them.i cant face ringing as i will just crack up ,i have an appointment with cab on thursday but again from what ive read on here,they either treat u like dirt or tell you to do exactly wot ppl on here are saying,write and confess saying how sorry you are,it seems the most likely outcome if you fess up is that will just ask you to pay it all back with or without a fine but most likely with,until i read things on this forum,i was terrified i would go to prison! i still am if
  8. hi there,just wondering if uve rung hmrc yet,im in almost the exact same situation as you,had my letter last week and im terrified whats gonna happen to me,i also have to get in touch with them by the 26th may,with bank statements,utility bills,rent agreement/mortgage to prove my single claim,dont see the point in sending these as they will only help to confirm i have been living with my partner and stupidly didnt let them know,i did let them know my son had left full time education,feel i should just write and confirm i have been living as a couple and should have made a joint claim and take
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