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  1. Nah I didn't respond in the end. I was going to but then I thought why engage with them over something so ridiculous and waste my time. Also if you respond you are acknowledging who you are. ATM they have nothing at all to prove you even signed up to the league other than an email I'm guessing. My advice would be to just ignore them.
  2. Around 3 yrs or so ago when I started this thread. I can't see them changing anything since I played.
  3. Don't worry about this letter at all mate. It's a scare tactic to try and get you to pay. Just ignore it, you will not hear from them again. I was also really worried when I got the letter but if they actually did try to take this to court they'd be laughed out of the place.
  4. So we didn't ever pay the registration fee. The match co-ordinators asked for it a few times from us but it was never paid. I believ.e that's part of what they are saying I owe them. The match fee was £32.00 per game, which is not indicated on the form I completed. What they are trying to do is charge me a double match fee for all the games we missed which is completely unfair and something I would never had agreed to. It also doesn't state this anywhere on the completed form. As for getting the other team members to share the cost, well I have less than 0% chance of getting that to
  5. Thanks, I only thing is if I respond to them I acknowledge them and also who I am. At the moment I could just be some made up person in theory. I am just angry with myself now for using my real name and address. I could of and should of just used a fake name and address on the form then they would have just been chasing air. I mean how could they actually prove it was me that completed the form other than it came from a Yahoo email address with my name? Do you still think I should respond? Thank you for your advice on this, it's a real help.
  6. Thank you for your responses guys. The only thing I have ever completed from the company is a basic team registration from which you can see here w+w+wchampionsoccer.co.u k/temp...ation+form.pdf (the forum won't let me post links so you'll have to remove the + signs from the web address to see it) I simply typed my details onto the form and emailed back to a champion soccer general email address. At no point did I sign the form and at no point did I agree to anything that they are demanding from me. I really don't see how they are trying to say this is a legally binding docum
  7. Last year me and some friends started playing 6 a side football. To join I simply completed a application and returned it via email. w+w+w.championsoccer.co.uk/temp...ation+form.pdf. This form had no signature on it, I didn't sign or see any credit agreement and has no breakdown of costs. As it turned out my team could not play the last few games of the season. I then got an Invoice through the post asking for double match fees for the games we missed. I ignored the invoice. I then a few months later got a chasing later from them threatening court action unless I paid. I again ignored it.
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