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  1. Does the loss only refer to monetary loss? can a agent force me into paying him additional money or else me have to lose the deposit with agent? And then I be made to follow-up on this for four months to get my money back. The loss is my time and as everyone will agree it was a stressful time. can a trade get away with impunity for having duped me of £240.00. I am here to find what are the things I have lost that can be raised in court. Is someone's time not worth and do traders have a free hand to give grief to someone? I hope there will be legislation to prevent such behaviour. The law cannot encourage such ill practices by traders..
  2. After Kyonsanto's post, I raised the matter to Southall about the link on Air India's website but SouthAll said that they will not refer to such announcements and that I will need to get a document from Air India. stating that there were no charges applicable for my ticket. Air India said they cannot send any such document as the ticket has been booked by agent. Southall also did not agree on the email that the charges were levied by them by telling us that they were as demanded by Air India. I then raised a GDPR query in May first week to ask the call recordings. It was only then they realised that they cannot escape anymore and then refunded after 30 days of GDPR request. During these times from Feb to May, I made numerous calls to Southall to explain how the additional charges were not legitimate but each time I was refused.
  3. @Honeybee13, Many Thanks for your reply. With regards to their behaviour for making me work so hard to recover my money, they must be made to compensate. They have refused to make any such offer. Isn't there any law or default terms of contract that applies to business to prevents them from doing such acts with impunity. This is the first point that can be discussed first.
  4. Hello @Kyosanto, Many Thanks for your inputs so far and these had been quite instrumental in giving me a faith to fight back. That link of Air India you provided was the Key. The southall travel finally yielded when I asked the call recordings, so they had no way to hide the evidence. So while they have the refunded the £240.00. I had to literally work through my nose to get my own hard earned money. First SUCCESS on this matter. Few more yet to come. Can a business get away easily with this kind of behaviour? Isn't there any law which holds them answerable for such behaviour which was ultimately a way to take my money for no genuine service or product. Also if the ticket had to be necessarily changed to new regulations of Covid, could I not simply cancel the ticket and get a full refund? Southall said that I will lose my deposit they had taken in advance. So what laws/regulations could come handy to me if I want to take the matter to court. I believe it was a forced selling. Secondly they also wrongly advised that the luggage will be a through check-out from London to a domestic terminal within India. That was clearly wrong since customs is an age old mandatory step. I see it was a mis-selling of tickets as well. Please I requst experienced members of the team can advise me on how can nail down this SouthAll agency to court. I have worked hard for six months and still have the energy left to bring this, sort of scam by SouthAll, to the court and see them through. However I lack full knowledge of the technical and legal points which will form the basis of my fight back. Thanks in advance for everybody's forthcoming help.
  5. Hello Kyosanto, Can I raise this as complaint and take to courts after completing my journey? Thanks.
  6. Yes. My first step was to get clarification from airline on email about the waiver. I have highlighted the line you mentioned, which actually implies that fare difference is waived-off as well. Its a very good point you caught Kyosanto, you have keen eyes I must say. I await response from airline. Should come within a week. I don't want to hassle the agents fearing what if they cancelled all my ticket. Can they do that, on some pretext?
  7. Hello Kyoto, (1) My flight is in April 2022. (2) I was asked to shell out £60.00 per person so £240.00 in all. Only for changing domestic leg.
  8. Hello Kyosanto, Many Thanks for our help on this and for the link. I hope that can help. The agent is saying that fare difference is applicable and so I was asked additional money on pretext of fare difference? Can you please share your thoughts on this.
  9. Hello All, I am in this strange dilemma. I had made a booking in Nov-2021 to travel from London to New Delhi by Air India (intranational ) and from New Delhi to a city within India (domestic service). Both legs, were provided by same airline. I received an email today saying that because of some government regulations in India, the original domestic flight cannot be taken as it was just in 3 hour overlay but revised govt regulation requires minimum 6 hours. Therefore I will have to take another domestic flight and I will have pay fare difference. They said that I cannot drop the second leg altogether or cancel the whole itinerary. Does this sound okay and acceptable under current times? Please help me with latest airline regulations on this matter. Many Thanks for your inputs.
  10. Hello Mariner, Many Thanks for your reply. I am asking all the questions in one thread because as per the boards etiquette, there should be one thread per tenancy. I would like to know weather I can raise a complaint with HSE about lacking GSC certificate after my tenenancy has ended. Thanks for your reply. Regards.
  11. With regards to the clause in typical AST contract "The Tenant indemnifies LL against all damages that arise from breach of any term in this contract", till what date after the conclusion of contract is this applicable.
  12. Thanks Mariner for asking that question. Would that make a difference Mariner? Can you please tell me what rules would be applicable in each case? Also are there central organisations where GSC records are archived? Thanks
  13. Hello Raydetinu, Just as DPS, TDS and Mydeposit keep history of deposits protected, are there similar central organisations where GSC records are archived. How can I find if a GSC certificate was issued for the house I live in. I asked the LLand he said that he has lost it and only forgot to give a copy to me. Thanks
  14. Hello Mariner. Thanks for your reply. My house has warm air heater. The air is heated using gas combustion and exhausted through a small window/outlet in the upper rooms . Is this appliance supposed to be serviced bi-annually. My LL has never got GSC for last four years, which means he has kept me in a risky place. He had no right to take risk on me and I am grieved about it. Also can you please tell me if the rent is due on first of each month, then how many grace days do I get to make payment by?
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