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  1. I don’t know the exact date I took it out but it was around 2010 Don’t know exact date of last payment but think it was around 2014 prior to default date. Does this info matter if CCA is invalid?
  2. Thank you. From what I have gleaned recentl I didn’t think it had to have a signature on it these days. The card was applied for online. Credit file: Barclaycard entry shows as settled and zero balance. Hoist Portfolio have a credit card entry for £786 Default date 17 Sept 2014 Except for request for CCA ive not made contact (accepted debt etc) and no payments madE since before default date.
  3. To clarify: What they’ve sent is not valid?? My name (initial and surname) and address are on it at the top but but I’ve blacked it out. Should there be more info on it? But ultimately are you saying they don’t have a leg to stand on??? I kind of thought this might be the cause I wrote to them in December 2017, they didn’t send until May 2018 and I’ve not heard anything from them since.
  4. Hi, Wasn’t expecting to upload docs but happy to do so. I just thought that as somebody had already posted dates before I might just get some more recent dates. Credit Agreement.pdf
  5. I sent a request Robinsonson Way for CCA which took them 5 months to send and it’s a reconstituted copy of poor quality and badly put together. I wanting historical interest rates to check against the one they gave put on the credit agreement to check the validity of it. Someone posted on here rates up to 2005 so hope that someone else maybe able to help me out too for later rates
  6. Hi All, I’m hoping someone can help me. Would anyone have historic purchase interest rates from 2010 to 2016 for on Barclaycard Visa preferably with start and end dates of variations. Many thanks. Ff
  7. Hi thank you for your early reply. There are five accounts in all . Two of them I have had responses (as in previous post), two have had no response at all and the fifth I've had no response to my CCA request either but I have had a further letter asking for payment. 1. Should I send reminder letters to the two no response accounts? 2. Should I send a copy of my CCA request to the fifth account which they've asked for payment?
  8. Hi I have several debts that have been passed to Lowell's. I've had the usual letters from them requesting payment etc. Some of the balances though, seem a lot higher than i remember so have written to Lowell's the standard letter requesting CCA. The letter was dated 15th January 2016. I have had a couple of replies which read as follows: "you have requested documentation under sections 77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 for this former/B]XXXX account. We have asked XXXX to provide us with the requested documentation and will send this to you as soon as possible. We aim to provide this to you within 12 working days. In the meantime this account is on hold and we will not contact you to request payment. If we have not heard anything from XXXX after 40 days we will send you an update." I received the following letter as a follow up to the above one: "We refer to your recent request under sections 77/78 of the consumer Credit Act 1974 for a copy of the documentation for this former XXXX account. We have requested a copy of the documentation but have not received this yet. Your account will remain on hold while we await the requested information from XXXX." My questions are: 1. In both letters they refer to the account as a "former" account. Does this mean the debt now belongs to Lowell completely or are they simply acting as an Agent? 2. I want to do a follow up letter to Lowell's about all the accounts but am unsure of the time scales within which they have to supply the requested information. I've tried looking this up but keep getting conflicting information. Am I correct in thinking that the first deadline is 12 days plus 2 (is this working days or just continuous days?)? They also mention a further 40 days time limit. From the research I've done I've only come across 30 days but again don't know if this is working days or not. Could someone please clarify the time limits and from which date each time limit should commence? 3. Finally could someone advise on a follow up letter or a template letter that i can use? The original letter I sent made no acknowledgement to the debts. Hope someone can help.
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