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  1. hi Sailor Sam, I appreciate your opinion and like to point out everything you say is makes sense but i've checked my credit aggreement and it does not mention anything about early cancellation fee but thanks again and have a good day.
  2. ok then I will wait for Sailor Sam's opinion before makin any decisions.Thanks a million again
  3. hi, I.ve cancelled direct debit at january after phoned up and insisted that i want to cancel then recieved letter saying ive missed my payment and ive phoned up again at feb to see what they were on about they taking my last phone into account i think.last payment to quinn's direct was 3rd of january and i've phoned up at 7th or 8th of january to cancel it.
  4. Hi guys, received a reply from regal today and seems like they wont give up!
  5. i certainly will send that tomorrow ur a star.and will update you guys of the outcome.thanks again
  6. Hi Guys, When i've phoned up she hasnt even mentioned about the cancelation fee all she was saying is send a letter requesting canceling insurance policy with quinns direct. I mean i can dig out the original policy document to clarify this but im %100 sure they only asking money for cancelation period because they wouldnt accept it over the phone and i wouldnt send a letter. If that helps? thanks again./
  7. Thanks for rapid reply encouraged me more with your answer.i will sent the pic of letter in a bit.
  8. Hi guys, Need help on this scary letter i've had from regal. I've wanted to cancel my car insurance over the phone but they wanted in writing so i've argued over they can start insurance over the internet or phone so why cant they cancel it same way? in the end ive sent a letter with my canceling request and put a date on the letter of the day i've phoned them first time. Unfortunately they didnt accepted it and passed £107 debt to this nasty regal consultants which they think they've got Country Court Judgment against me and if i dont pay by 7 day they will send bail
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