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  1. It's been a week so far and I'm still waitingxxx
  2. We called and they said hey can not see a reason for this, asked for details if the 16 year old education etc and said missed payment would be processed in 9days, I'm just a nervous wreck at moment !! Xxx
  3. How long did this take for you to get your letter and new award?? Did your child benefit get affected ??
  4. Hi does anyone know if this would effect my child benefit, was due to go in today and hasn't, all child benefit Iain partners name cause of my step children living with us and they won't speak to me, I haven't told him about any of this awfull mess, he suffers with ME and think all this stress would bring on a bad patch,I just can't cope with anymore of this. I thinking child benefit may have stopped as jack his eldest is 16 now, but that shouldn't make it stop comp,etly surely there is 4other children on the claim, also he is still in school doing gcse xxx
  5. Has anyone on here had there child benefit stopped for no apparent reason??
  6. I'm guessing just the childcare, I thnk I'm going to owe around 8grand, I don't check renewals and really thought I had cancelled but nope, I sent letter last weds so only been a few days will keep u updated as mc as poss, I'm still so scared xxx
  7. Hi Hunni, I'm in exactly same position as you, I had claimed the childcare and kids weren't using it, I have wrote a letter detailing all of this and apologised I'm awaiting respond I will keep u updated ad to what happens try not to worryxxxx
  8. I haven't heard either but again only been a few days xx
  9. Still not heard from tax credits but its only been3 days since sent it xxx
  10. Hi, no not called cant pluck up the courage, just sent a letter waiting for a reply. Is urs childcare?? They must be really clamping down, I'm still worried and just want an end to it. Just send a letter explains, I just put that it was never my n tension to deliberately do this, never checked awards and have had no childcare since nov 11, I also thou need to add it back on, only at 31.00 a week not th 150 that's on at he mo.
  11. How much ddiduowei reckon mine is about 7000 xx
  12. It's only the nursery fees which I had all last year and slightly before what do I say sorry been claiming them when know I shouldn't and that I wasn't aware as don't check award notice xx
  13. What wording did u use ? I'm awful at this sort of thing ?
  14. What did u say and what did they do??
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