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  1. thanks for that yourbank should have realised that myself another question for any body to respond is anybody getting stung for changes against mortgage late payment and/or errears ie 40 pound per missed payment/late payment and is there going to be any recourse for claming
  2. account closed aprox 18 months ago and yes have an account with yb the reason we are trying for hardship claim i was made redundant in jan 2009 and have missed two mortgage payments and water bill and behind on credit card payment
  3. thanks mr lex am trying to make a hardship claim against tsb but account is closed have i got a leg to stand on thanks for any help
  4. hi just a quick question for any body for help i need a help on a question and dont know how to start thread sorry for being a numpty
  5. dear michael many thanks for your quick reply will get it typed up and sent asap then we go back and fight for the previous 3yrs once again thanks jimmy and carol
  6. sorry I pressed wrong key. So we took out the remaining amount and closed the account. We have since sent a letter to them along with our £10.00, requesting all statements from 2000 to 2003 plus all statements from April 06 to March 07. We need to inform the courts about the acceptance - can anyone tell us if they is a template letter, or how to word the letter and how to move our thread to success board.
  7. Hi Carol & Jimmy M here Sorry we have not posted in a while due to circumstances beyond our control (Family death). Would just like to let you know that we were offered a sum of just over £2,000.00 pounds from Lloyds TSB,which we decided to accept(even though we never signed the acceptance from them. After contacting the bank we found out that the majority of cash (£1,400.00) had already been taken out of our account for all the charges that LTSB had impossed since April 2006 which is when we started this dispute
  8. hi carol and jimmy morganhere sorry we have not posted in a while but due to circumstances beyond our control (familydeath) we have actualy got some monies back from lloydes tsb by the time they had taken back the charges on the account since we last used it £1400.00 we got just under £800.00 did not even get a chance to formaly accept still we now go back for the rest of the six years charges . we also have to inform courts can anyone tell me how to word the letter and how to move our thread to success board
  9. Hi to everyone Received a letter from LTSB solicitors yesterday offering a settlement. Here's the jist of it - 1) the offer does not include the interest 2) it is marked without predudice, confidential and priviledged and asking us to sign the forms 3) they say that the amount they are offering with be put into our select bank account. As we asked for a cheque to be sent to us, and we no longer use the account since the account has been disputed, infact we have changed banks. If the money goes straight into the bank some of the charges that we disputed will come out of
  10. hi all just a few lines to say sorry in not keeping up our updates but with xmas and new year and goining back to work anyway ltsb posted response to or n1 forms on the 8th dec we rang the court onthe 3 jan to ask what happens now and were told a q/aform will be sent out as the judge needs more info but as i read all the threads on this site this seems toe pretty uch a standard ploy? am i correct anyway to far from the truth now to cave in sooooo bring em on ps hope you al had a great xmas and new year
  11. Hi everyone Just an update to our last post. On Friday I received another letter from LTSB Solicitors that if we did not immediately settle our overdraft legal action may be taken. The same day a message was left on our answerphone from them wanting to speak to us. My husband rang and spoke to a Ms Tuart basically saying that she was going to pass our concerns on to their complaints department because and I quote "she is not authorised to ok that sort of refund", and that she is ringing again on Wednesday 27th. We feel that more was achieved during that phone call than any previ
  12. Hi Everyone, Sorry we have not posted anything recently on this site, but have been busy. Anyway on November 30th we took our N1 Claim Form to the courts and duly received a letter from them saying that Lloyds TSB had been issued with the form on December 1st. Today we received another letter from the courts saying that LTSB has filed an Acknowlegement of Service on December 8th, and that in the response to the claim the intention to defend all of the claim. Acknowledgement was filed by the solicitors acting for LTSB who have given the following name and address for service of documents n
  13. hi everyone just a question has anybody recieved a letter from mss sechiari clark and mitchell llyods tsb solicitors telling them that they (the customer ie me and you) are out and out liers i shall post the first two lines on the letter my wife and i received on 6 nov 2006 and i quote " in relation to our last letter we do not appear to have received any contact or correspondence from you after speaking with our clients we are told that they have not heard from you either. out and out lies in contact with the bank since 11 may 2006 and sols since 26 sept 2006. i have rang both parties
  14. We have now got the N1 Claim Form to complete and submit, but are a little bit confused because there are 2 heading which basically say the same thing namely "brief details of claim" and "particulars of claim(attachd)(to follow)". Also under the heading "value" do we include the 8% interest? Could anyone can help us with this as it is holding us up taking it back to the court. Jimmy & Carol M
  15. hi i have just read the letter ref collection dept can you tell me if this also aplys to default notices of wich we got two from ltsb on thursday 24.8.06 as we are in the process of getting to the court paper stage and getting fed up of phone calls from ltsb about three a night just dont answer them now.just getting sick and tired of repeating the same answer to the idiots on the phone and then they ring back the very next night any help please
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