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  1. We had to have the broadband router moved upstairs to my wife's office as the signal wouldnt reach all the time. When it was moved the camera outside our house and the internet side of our tv wouldnt work. I know your possibly thinking it's an issue with our house not the router but it's a 1930 semi the same as millions of other houses.
  2. Thanks for that and taking the time to reply. I'll discuss it with my wife when I'm home tonight and see where wd go from here. Thanks again Stuart
  3. Its wireless within the house,yes. Standard 1930's semi. Weve tried the plug in things and the wifi crashes 4 or 5 times a day.
  4. Hi, Been a few years since my last posts and as the site was so helpful ask again. My wife runs her business from home and we have recently got BT business broadband fitted. It's been a disaster since day 1. We were told it work work in every room = no That it was s reliable service = crashes daily We have tried to cancel the contract but they want around £500 to get out of the contract. The first complaint went in to bt within 30 days and I've been told by a friend that we should be able to cancel the contract. Can anyone help. Hopefully this post is in the correct section. Thanks in advance Stuart
  5. I want life to go back to how it was, had a nice motorbike and caravan, went away for weekends. Never had bundles of cash but always seem to have £20 in my pocket. Now that has to feed us. Great parent. Sorry just low at the moment..
  6. Do you know what...I give up, let them take the house if that's where it goes. I can't afford to pay the loan each month so let them do their worst as I'm past caring.
  7. At the moment we are supposed to be paying them £363 per month and I just can't afford it. I understand we owe them the money but we are in a dm with payplan at 250 per month - welcome at 363 p month plus the mortgage - 3 children - etc etc All the woman keeps saying is 'well you do realise that as a secured loan we are entitled to repossess the property' I can't work any harder and my wife has just set up in business on her own so a bright future but need 12 months out of this doodoo
  8. I don't have access to a scanner. I'll be able to do it at work tomorrow. What is it your looking for, anything specific ? Just found another copy of the loan agreement in 2008 which is when we re did the loan as we couldn't afford the payments. Also mortgage indemnity amount is £0.00 as it is on the other original one
  9. I have found a blue 'copy of proposed credit agreement' yellow 'fixed sum loan agreement'
  10. OK I've found the paperwork and no Insurance and no Mortgage indemnity fee.. Is that going to make a huge difference ?
  11. Thanks for the reply. To be honest I don't know. I no longer have any of the original documents, not sure what happened to them. I'm 99.9% sure we didn't take out ppi as it was so much more expensive but have no idea about the indemnity.
  12. Hi all and great forum I have a Welcome finance secured loan for £26k. I have defaulted and am not paying regular amounts into it. As it is a secured loan can and would they repossess for 26k ? Also is there a way I can find out if I have ppi on the loan Thank you
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