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  1. I received another phone call today. Far more apologetic and understanding. They explained that what happened was in error and that they have contacted the branch responsible. I was told that there was no way to have a payment holiday in terms of the credit file but they did agree to honour the changed date of payment date from 2nd to 18th and instead of a holiday spread the months payment areas accross my next 12 payments. This satifies there system and so wont impact my credit file and also doesnt impact my monthly finances.Thanks for your help.
  2. HeyThanks for posting so quickly. Ive posted the letter now, ill let you know the responce in due course.
  3. HiI have a personal loan with the Co-op bank which i am re-paying. I am about to move jobs and so will be falling off one payroll before coming onto my new one. My original payment date was the 2nd of each month, this is in the T&C's of the loan agreement. I went into a branch and spoke to an advisor who changed the payment date to the 18th and also granted me a one month 'holiday'. I was happy and thought it was dealt with.I today received a call from them saying that the accoutn was in arrears, extra interest is now due, and that if no payment is made by tomorrow they will
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