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  1. No trying to calculate now and really don’t know where to start.
  2. Can someone please advise me on how to calculate and award for the following Case of psychological injury due to bullying and harassment in the workplace and constructive dismissal I have been given indication that they wish to settle prior to the hearing and want to get the figures right before Thanks
  3. Thank you I have sent them a copy of the letter via email and copied in Solicitors
  4. Please forgive me if in the wrong place We sold our house and just recieved the invoice from the estate agent We signed the contract agreeing to 1% + Vat of sale value. They didn’t give us a copy of the contract but we pushed and pushed and eventually got a letter saying the fee ( undated) They have since sent an invoice to solicitor stating 1.25 which equates to an extra 2k when vat is taken into account Do I have any argument or do I just suck it up
  5. They have failed to respond to the solicitor, the solicitor needs the contact details of where to send the undertaking and the payment when the sale completes to ensure the charge is removed. This is going on over 3 months since sale agreed and we have been trying before that. They are refusing to respond
  6. Correct, we have even lodged a formal complaint but their complaints team can’t even get the information
  7. There is sufficient equity in the house, the creditor is refusing to give the contact details to ourselves and solicitor, what action can we take. Buyers are threatening to pull unless it’s resolved the contact details for who our solicitor will give the undertaking too....
  8. Sorry I don’t know anything about benefits and I’m finding everything very confusing
  9. Thank you. Is there any other help available for housing etc
  10. My son is registered disabled and getting dla for this. He is no longer able to attend his mainstream school and we have not been successful in gaining a place in any school that covers our area. We now have no option but to home school hoping he will get into a secondary school when the time comes Since he has been off school I have been out of work stress related I know do not have any option but to leave work as we cannot get any childcare I have been advised to apply for carers allowance Can anyone give me advice on this please
  11. Thank you I need someone neutral to say that. My solicitor is a personal injury solicitor and employment law is not his thing that’s why I have gone to Acas The contract actually states x amount to be taken out of monthly salary for x years The loan was nearly paid in full and by doing this the will be just over 1 month due
  12. All of that is now in the hands of a private solicitor and is progressing through the courts at the moment. Work have admitted that I suffered under him and he has now been retired not sacked and they have taken no action My immediate concern is my wages and obtaining my P45 although the DWP contacted the tax office on Wednesday and I was given a message to say it issued last night
  13. I experienced bullying at work with my former manager. I raised a grievance and had “support “ from the union Employer eventually “admitted it although it took over 2 years. I have been left with severe long term health issues and have suffered a number of breakdowns. The bullying was more along the lines of severe psychological abuse and after I went on sick leave it continued at home. My partner wanted the police involved but we stupidly took the union advice It has emerged that over 10 years 8 employees ( including me) have experienced identical issues with this manager and Work did nothing to protect staff Union delayed and delayed taking legal action against my employer and I now have to go down civil route with them My health, employer actions and the fact I have been dropped by union have left me with no choice but to leave work Work have now withheld my entire last months wages in unlawful deductions I have contacted Acas who cannot pick this up until next week but any help and advice so I understand things would be very much appreciated I had a car loan through work as I needed a car for work. They withheld my wages to go against this. The terms of the loan agreement are as follows If the employee leaves the loan becomes due and must be paid The loan can be transferred to another employer under the same terms The usual practice for the employer is to raise an invoice for the remaining amount to the employee and it is usually repaid at the same agreed rate on a monthly basis After them taking the final salary the loan is nearly cleared in full
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