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  1. I have written to the head of HSBC as they did give shiply a grant of 50.000 and quite frankly I think shiply do not deserve this money as they are misleading people out of money,and as a very respectable bank I think HSBC should be more careful who they give grants to carol campbell
  2. for all people fed up with shiply..HSBC gave them a huge grant..do they know they gave such a company money ??? head mans name is Stuart Gulliver maybe some letters would not go amiss
  3. I wish you well with 4motion I gave up as I ran out of energy !! also it was going to cost so much.have you reported it to action fraud ?I did and at least its logged with them ,do you know that 4motion and shiply have the same registered office ,look at the registered office of the prople you booked through ,could be interesting ? I would love to meet the little B that I spoke to so often BYRON ,lord Bryon would turn in his grave as for the hayley ?? I had worked out they must be fron up north as the address I got were up there ,good luck carol campbell
  4. sorry I have not got back quickly I am now back in Portugal and gave up with 4 motion as it was going to cost me £100 and as they lie maybe I would not win ??if I had won I would of course get the £100 back as well ,did you know the registerd office address is the same as for shiply ??very odd!!I think they are con men who seem to be getting away with it ,for your sum of money I think you should sue ,small debt??carol
  5. I accepted a quote from shiply from a company called 4motionfreight ,when they sent me an invoice for all payment in advance I cancelled the contract with shiply ,as I was not willing to pay all the money before any work was done, The man from 4motionfreight then phoned and begged me to go ahead as he said they had booked the ferry etc(goods were going to Portugal )He told me if I paid £400 deposit and the balance on delivery that would be ok ,On the day of the collection ,in the afternoon he phoned to say they were not coming. They refuse to refund all the deposit ,k
  6. we had a problem with shiply .booked a deliver to portugal and guy turned up in the wrong size of van !too small went away and said he was going to hire a bigger one /never saw him again /re posted shipment on shiply ( mainly as they would not refund deposit )and second offer asked for all the money up front so we cancelled with shiply and then the man from 4motionfreight phoned and pleade with us to go ahead as he told me he had booked the ferry etc so we paid a £400 deposit and the they never turned up ! they have refunded £250 but will not refund the rest as they say WE cancelled shiply
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