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  1. 6weeks notice is good 6weeks wait is too long. its not necessary to bow to your broadband provider, cancel +change
  2. 4-5 weeks is unreasonable even thoug i gave only 3 days notice
  3. i agree 3 days notice is hardly reasonable. i would wait a few weeks notice if to have the 'immediate' switchover . the way the broadband provider operate with openreach and the delay openreach cause isnt relevant to my contract. if the broadband provider cant provide what they are contracted to do then the contract is void
  4. well i gave only 3 days notice, but i didnt expect to wait 27 days and pay 100+. 2 weeks is acceptable, and the 27 day reconnection date looks like its not happening so its going to be 5 weeks and "The broadband provider will have to make an appointment with Open reach to update the exchange" is not relevant, my contract is with the broadband provider to supply broadband, not Open reach
  5. i am paying them to supply broadband and i m without for 27 days
  6. i have a contract with a broadband provider for 8 more months. its 18.40/month, i've moved and they want me to pay £100.00+ moving fee and wait 27 days to connect it at my new address. the contract is for supply of broadband/phone so can i cancel it based on the fact that they have broken the contract ? and cancel all further payments?
  7. I GET annoyed when a telephone box payphone is broken and unusable. so FYI here is where you report the fault to : http://www.payphones.bt.com/publicpayphones/reportafault.htm Freefone 0800 661 610, 8.30am-5.00pm, Monday to Friday
  8. here is what tesco provided me for my snack. if it was dark i would have eaten ittesco multinational corporation offered me a £1.00 voucher
  9. mobile phone charges are extortionately overpriced. i was charged 30 p for 2 second call to an answer machine. and 45 p for an 80 second call i usually get charged 60p a minute to a 0845 number
  10. how far have you been on your electric bike without recharging it? 40 miles? 60/ 80 100 miles?which bike has the greatest distance available before it needs a recharge?
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