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  1. I have an issue with Vodafone. I have a business account and at times had up to 20 different numbers with them. Over time this has been reduced and we sent emails to our account manager to cancel contracts and these were acknowledged and agreed. Like many people, we were pushed into going onto electronic invoices some time ago and they don't even send an email with the statements, you need to login and view them. And the system is cumbersome to use. We were doing a review in the last few days of the current numbers on the account due to a fraud on one number and in looking at bills (we had to request for Vodafone to send these to us), noticed several numbers that we had requested to be cancelled were still active. The first was agreed to be cancelled in September 2011 and we had an email from the Vodafone account manager acknowledging this was to be cancelled. It was not! They have continued charging £15 plus VAT a month for over 2 years. The second was to be cancelled in April 2012 and again, was acknowledged by the Vodafone account manager . They continued charging £35 plus VAT per month for the last 18 months. I spent a lot of time in the last few days going through old emails and communications to prove that we had cancelled the numbers and presented these to our account manager. Today she wrote back to say "I have looked at the emails you have sent over and spoken at length to our customer relations team, as a result we will offer a goodwill credit of £90 + VAT. Which is the equivalent to 6 months line rental, the reason for this amount is you also have a responsibility to check your invoices each month. I have requested the credit and it will be applied to your account in the next 2 working days." The same on the second number "The same as above with the credit being £210+VAT." Extraordinary. It is absolutely black and white that they agreed to cancel the numbers and did not. Yet they are attempting to turn this around onto us and say you should check your bills. Outrageous! We have been spending on average £1500 a month or more for many years and this is how loyalty is rewarded. Incredible. Also, it is not like we have had a lot for our money. We rarely if ever used our hardware fund etc. I am outraged at how we are being treated. Vodafone just don't give a damn and I read similar stories on here and other places so this is not an isolated incident. I don't know what we can do but I will be making all efforts to publicise how Vodafone have treated us. And of course looking to move all our business as Vodafone don't deserve it. RGW
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