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  1. Many thanks for your replies, I checked up on section 75 which would not be of any use, however there is also what is called a 'Chargeback' scheme which most credit card companies have and I should be able to claim on this.Once again many thanks for your time.
  2. I purchaced a TV ariel from an ad on MSN , They were promoting a special offer if you purchaced 3. You could select to buy other quantities so I selected only 1. A couple of days later I received an email order confirmation from them and they had billed my credit card for 3 Aerials for £82.49. I immediately wrote back saying I had ordered only one and requested refund. Their reply was the goods are in transit (from it appears Hong Kong) and that refunds are only given after they receive the items back. I then cancelled my order completely which they agreed to. The parcel is still in transit via Swiss Post . I have since found out that the aerials do not work and the whole company is a con I am now assuming I will not be getting my money back. Following up on info I found using the net, the company owner is in the U.S.A. the company is in Panama and goods are shipped from Hong Kong and no addresses can be found for any of the above. I believe that I could possibly reclaim the money via my credit card, (obviously when the goods have been returned). Does anyone know anything about this or how to go about it?
  3. that would be great I'm still trying to find my paperwok
  4. many many thanks will get a letter written and see how it goes, I'm very grateful
  5. yes he took the first payment
  6. I've had 3 or four loans from provident and have always paid in full and on time, my husbands income was reduced by 60% when he had to stop work, even his DLa does not cover what its intended for and he has regularly (and myself) canceled hospital appointments because we simply cant get there
  7. I have a debt with provident which is now some two years old, I have arthritis and chrones disease and am unable to work let alone leave the house very often. due to events 2000 my husband now suffers with severe PTSD he has just been diagnosed with arthritis and COPD, he has been told that the extent of his trauma and facts that arose from from counselling ( childhood abuse) that he is totaly unable to work or be in regular contact with people whom he does not know. A debt collector called regular and took a small amount each time for the debt which stopped after a while. Since the government crackdown on benefits by the government our income has decreased significantly and we are now having to pay 25% of our Council Tax, this leaves us absolutely no money to spare, we cut of the gas ourselves and eat once a day. I have now had a letter from Provident stating that they have sold the loan to Lowells who say we now owe them the debt and are demanding payment, what can I do I just dont have any money to give them?
  8. Sorry this site has become very large and difficult to find things, I came across a letter template to a DCA requesting that they inform me who owns the debt did they buy it or were they acting as an agent. Can anyone point me in the right direction please
  9. I am disabled and my husband suffers from PTSD to the extent where he is continually getting worse and I have been told he will always be vulnerable and very unlikely to return to normal. I Now have to pay 25% of my council tax, I cancelled my husbands doctor appointments and my hospital appointments to be able to pay the first month albeit four weeks late and ten pounds short. I managed to get the second months payment together with the arrears of ten pounds from the previous months and paid this although again it was a month late I have informed Cornwall Council that I will pay and how much and when each month, however I yesterday received a notice from them stating that they want the full amount within seven days or take the matter to court and instruct the bailiffs to act thus incurring more charges, they are already taking money I cant afford and for the sake of four weeks I think they are being very unfair and aggressive as they do not want to take our circumstances into account even though we are not refusing or trying to avoid payment, any advice please will be most welcome
  10. Hi sorry about that the debts are Credit Security Ltd ( Re Lloyds TSB) £6972.41 (Home improvement Loan) Credit Security Ltd ( Re Lloyds TSB) £1605.43 (Credit Card) Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd (Re Provident Personal Credit) £2114.30
  11. my husband lost his job through redundancy around 13 years ago the we had what could only be called a life changing event and my husband had to stop his new business as he was diagnosed with PTSD. We ended up with £20,000 in debts as we had no money coming in. I raised what money I could and my husband manage to sell all his work equipment as he could no longer use it and after a few months we got the debts down to around £11,000, since we have had to survive on my husbands DLA and over the years he has got much worse and I have been told he is unlikely to recover, we have been paying what we can afford to Moorcroft DCA and Credit Securities DCA for over 12 years now, I am disabled and now with the government cuts and the council is now making us pay 25% of our council tax, that means that the few pounds we gave to the DCAs has now gone my husband cant leave the house very often and because of his condition cannot talk to people or use the phone, When Moorcroft called the other night my husband completely lost control and shouted F*** off at the collector and slammed the door in his face. a few minutes later a scribble on the back of an envelope said my husband was being taken to court with no signature etc as we have tried our best to pay these debts regularly but now through no fault of our own we have lost the ability to pay them, my husband has been in a worse condition since and I don't know what to do or where to turn as I can see things escalating.
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