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  1. Thanks Wintry! first I contacted stepchange but they can`t deal with me as I`m not british citizen..... I`m not a homeowner all I have is a car which I`m selling. I would do my own dmp but to be honest my english is not up to that level:) I know payplan funded by banks but that could be an advantage. Basically I tried to make a deal with natwest 80% of my debt with them to suspend payments for 6 months so I could pay off barclays and mbna and carry on paying the natwest loan as normal.. What I think is with the help of payplan they might freeze interest and charges and in 6 mon
  2. Thanks guys! Haven`t claimed any charges back(there are loads) just started the process but natwest said they closing my account and default it. That was over a month ago no word from them since .Mbna and barclays keep calling but they just want money and not listening .I have an appointment with payplan and we will go through dmp iva bankruptcy but I feel they pushing for iva . At the moment my credit file shows the missed payments no default or anything. I`m pretty sure they got all the original agreements but I`ll request a copy from them. Thanks guy
  3. Hi everyone! I have a question which I think has been asked many times before. Here is my situation: I have 38K debt with 3 creditors(Natwest loan,overdraft, 2credit cards,30K, Barclays credit card 4K, Mbna 4K) I want to sort it out ,I buried my head in sand for too long.I contacted Payplan and they went into details with my income and expenditure and said IVA best suited for me. As it stands I got 320 pounds surplus but making a bit more sacrifices I could afford 500 a month or even more(+overtime and second job) but 500 looking 100% sure. Also I`m selling my car so I`ll have 5
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