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  1. Thanks, I'm going to do that. Big business treading all over us - again. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone. I was a bit stunned by a demand from Admiral Insurance this morning demanding a cancellation fee of 65.00. I did not cancel, they did. I wanted to add an item, as named item with a value of 4K to my contents policy. It was accepted for about 14.00 but was referred to underwriter. I then got a call telling me the underwriter would not cover the change, a new policy was offered @ over 340.00 compared to the 114.00 I had paid up front. I refused this, said I would not insure the item and wait for the policy end, about 2 months. I was then told that this was not acceptable, that I was being given 7 days notice of cancellation. OK, nasty but I accepted it. Took out a new policy direct with an insurance company (L&G) @ 184.00. Now, a cancellation charge for THEM terminating the policy...... The small print does state "for any reason" but this was not me cancelling. I find this scandallous & legal theft.... or is it legal? I'm not paying it. Any advice on how to deal with this? Cheers
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