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  1. Yes of course I am...but the "slander" may have occured because it was a spoken word as opposed to what was actually written. Basically, it was tick boxes, and when contacted to discuss a certain area, there were comments made which are misleading. So that is slander!
  2. I intend to do exactly that. I've spoken to the employer and the ex-employer. The ex-employer even said they were willing to email the new employer to clarify things....I am hoping that there has either been a misunderstanding or some information has been mis-interpreted, because surely for something so serious such as a job offer withdrawal after a previous offer, there must have been something quite critical in there which I need to know.
  3. I am pretty clued up in slander law, and I am requesting a full copy of the reference, because I am adamant I have been slandered in some way. There is nothing to suggest that I was ever anything but reliable, loyal and courteous. I even turned down a couple of employment offers out of undying loyalty to my former employer, and only left due to redundancy. Even my ex-boss was surprised when I told him that my job offer had been withdrawn, because was adamant that he had not written anything negative that should have had an impact like this. As I say, I still get on with him, and still provide work for him, so I am certainly not just going to lie down and let it wash over me. I had been through a six-month recruitment process for this job, and had got down to the last week before my due start date. There has to be something that can be done? I will still seek further advice, because my CURRENT employer has provided a fantastic reference.
  4. My point is, my current reference from my most recent employer is completely in contrast with this OPINION, and painted a glowing reference about my teamwork. I am renowned for it, and the reference was glowing in its praise for how well I work in a team. My point is exactly that, it is wholly inaccurate, because I was part of a very well-drilled team and never had any issues arising from it whatsoever. There was never anything point out to this effect, and furthermore, we parted company on very good terms. I still provide freelance work for him now, and he continues to use my services, and so it's just very odd and bizarre. Surely there must need to be some evidence as to what he has written and why he's so determined to prevent me getting a new full-time job.
  5. Hi there. I am hoping that someone can offer me some good advice on this, because I am at a loss to understand what has gone on today. Basically, I was offered a fantastic new job and career, after 18 months out of full time employment, and this was subject to the normal pre-employment checks, including references. I was shocked and staggered today after receiving a start date for my new job that the offer was withdrawn due to an unsatisfactory reference. I immediately contacted my former employer, with whom I parted company on good terms, who denied providing anything negative. However, on further investigation, it transpires that my ex-employer had ticked a box saying that he would not consider employing me if I ever re-applied for a job, and ticked me as "weak" on a couple of areas surrounding ability to work in a team and ability to work unsupervised. This information is wholly inaccurate, as I have always been great in a team and the very nature of my previous work was such that I had to work independently an awful lot of the time. I am totally at a loss as to why a job offer would be withdrawn on the back of two very spurious remarks that are not even true. My other reference provided with the same questions, displayed my excellent team working skills and ability to be independent. As you can understand, I am totally bewildered at the moment, and wonder if I have any legal case to find out what has happened and gone wrong? I know I can request disclosure of my reference from my former employer, but I cannot for the life of me understand what has happened to cause him to basically end my career hopes. If he is providing bad or unsatisfactory references over something that simply hasn't happened, how am I ever going to get a job again, because I had been at that place of work for 11 years with no issues, apart from one informal verbal chat with my line manager over a slight falling out with a colleague, although this was well over eight years ago. Please can someone advise because I am at the end of my tether and don't understand or even know where to turn to next.
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