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  1. I have just received a parking eye ticket from uttoxeter Starbucks. Arrived when it was dark, no idea about a parking eye and have just received a ticket through the post. They state I was over the maximum 2 hours by 10 minutes. I have no idea even where yo look for this parking eye. You seem very informed, is there any advice you could offer?
  2. Hi, I've now had papers back fom Bryan carter stating the claimant still wishes to proceed with the claim. What can I do now?
  3. I've found an earlier default notice dated 2 may 2009. I'm still within that clause aren't I?
  4. Thanks andy, I have just found the default notice and it wasn't actioned till 30 may 2009. Even though I havnt paid anything for 7 years will the rule above still stand?
  5. Hi I've received a reply from bc saying that they followed protocol when issuing the claimants particulars of the claim. Practice direction point 7c point. 1.4(3a) eliminates the requirement to attach the docs when they are issued by this court. They say that it will probably be allocated to the small claims track and it's a contractual matter. It's is the original creditors policy to issue agreements at the start of the contract and statement and tell me to refer to my won reord (which I don't have). They decline an extension to filing a defence. The last payment I made was 7 y
  6. Hi I have sent my acknowledgement online. The claimant is dating back to 2009, I have never signed an agreement, signed for anything. Is there any defence I can use? Can I request any signed credit form for littlewoods?
  7. Hi that's great thanks Claimant: Lowell Date of issue: 9 april Particulars: 741.51 this debt was assigned to/purchased by Lowell portfolio ltd on 30/10/2009 and notice served pursuant to the law of property act 1925. Value of limed £1004.92 total £1149.92 The claimant has included 8%interest On behalf on little woods catalogue! I believe it was before 2007, no credit agreement signed though. Claimed issued by Lowell who bought the debt Don't even know what a notice of assignment is? Can't remember if I received any of the defaults or stuff. Probably did. Ceased payments
  8. Hi I have tried to do my own post but for some reason I don't have the admin approval. Can someone link this to a new thread please I have receive court papers from Northampton regarding a debt sold to lowell on 30/10/2009. They have been now sent these forms for a judgement. As it has been so long can hey chase me for it. Again, I don't even remember signing a credit agreement. Is this a valid defence. The amount they are claiming is £1004.92 plus fees & costs. I have no idea by it is this high. Plead can someone advise if a, I have a valid defence, b, what I do next? I note t
  9. Hi Just wanted to update and finalise my thread. I sent everything off with the guidance fon scotgal. They have upheld my single claim since 2011 and have cancelled the penalty. I simply can't tell you the relief. It's seems weird just not to have it hanging over my head. They are readjusting this payments they owe from January and now need to wait for my renewal pack. This forum is fantatstic and saved my sanity. That you so much everyone for being so supportive. X
  10. I've only done a transaction search for direct debits for the past few years, and just sent that. That's all I was wanting to show o that's all I sent. Hope this helps x
  11. Hi scot gal I'd just like to thank you for all your help. I've written my letter, requesting they look at it as a single claim. Collated allsorts together, our driving licences at separate addresses, him claiming jsa at another address, me paying all the bills and they are all in my name. I just feel soon relieved and I've only managed to break it down with your help so thank you. I shall await there decision and if they reject it then I shall cross that bridge when I come to it, maybe ask for any overpayments to be notianaly offset maybe. As for the now joint claim, I'm sitting back
  12. Hi scotgal But I have now requested a joint application. Do I need to supply every date where he came and went? I've got my bank statements showing I had my wages paid in every month to pay the bills doi send hat in also, if so how many months worth, or the whole 3 years? Also, regarding bills, do I need a copy of each bill for each month sending in for the past 3 years? sorry just still I bit unsure how I'm leading it.
  13. Scotgal Please can ou help me, I just want to get everything sent off...... Every day I'm dreading that letter will come through the door. Please x
  14. Hi scotgal First I want to clear up the relationship situation. I have proof that he has been at a separate address. Driving licence, jsa claim form but only for a sort period. I have proof that I pay all the bills, mortgage, etc at my address. As I have previously said, it's a funny one. I want to ask to deal with as a single claim but if they reach a decision that my proof if not enough then please reasses the claim from 2010 as joint. And ask the that special department to offset my overpayment against it. Or do you think it would be clearer that I just write and say due to the nature of
  15. Hi scotgal I've tried to start this letter 1000 times but to no avail. I just don't know where to start. Any ideas? I've called tax credits regarding the joint application as the one I did apply for was awarded nothing as the income threshold had been reached, but the income details were incorrect as they had taken from 2011/2012. They have advised I need to await a renewal pack to amend the income details and then it should be corrected and rectified. That claim is from 14/1/13. Thank ou so much for helping, I rally do appreciate it. I'm sleeping so much better.
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