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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. Now the complaints specialist handling my complaint is being unresponsive!
  2. Wifi calling is an option, it's just mainly the fact they keep prolonging getting this issue sorted and the abslolute lack of customer service when it comes to the issue. Yeah I noticed they ditched the TuGo app.
  3. Yeah I've had the whole on and off thing too! They are admitting there is an issue but just keep quoting their t's and c's!
  4. 'm having an ongoing fault with o2 in that the mast is down! I first reported this issue on the 5th October. Since then, I've had further updates on ; 12th October 18th October 25th October 1st November 14th November 28th November 12th December 10th January 23rd January All these updates state that they are still looking into the issue and will be in touch soon. I was told to get back in touch today for an update and it's now going to be continuing for an unspecified amount of time I have had my airtime credited for this month however complaints are unwilling to do anything as their terms state it's not a fault free service so if I want to go elsewhere I'll need to pay the fees.
  5. I've looked... the direct debits has been set up since day 1 - the actual bills themselves have all be £0 with no payments due hence no payment requests by Direct Debits have been made.
  6. Hi there. I'm wondering if you could help. I've got a bit of an usual BT billing issue and I'm looking for some advice. I'm coming to the end of my minimum term with BT and I've placed in my cancellation. However, it turns out that due to some billing glitch, I haven't paid a single payment to BT for the whole year contract. I'm one of those who just let direct debits come out the bank without really paying close attention ( I really should.... I know!) They are now requesting the full year payment upfront which I obviously cannot afford. I've logged into the BT website to check the bills incase there has been any late payment fees etc to find that absolutely every bill - clearly addressed with my details and the package that I subscribe to (phone and broadband) have all had a total balance due of £0. Where do I stand with this?
  7. o prior to my line going active on the 19th, I was given an offer for 6 months half price line rental to try and keep me proceeding with the order as Sky had offered me a good deal to stay with them. I was happy with this new offer so obviously told sky I wouldn't be sticking with them. It was at this point they threw out a great offer to which it was back to TalkTalk to tell them I wouldn't be proceeding. On the 13th January, on the live chat, an advisor named Reshan stated ; Reshan: The order is 6 months half price call plan, with line rental and your package. Reshan: Thank you for your patience. Ryan: you're very welcome. Ryan: Yeah, that's the offer I had a note off, that works out just below £65 more expensive than the sky offer. This is absolutely the most you can offer? Reshan: I can offer you 12 months half price on your package. Ryan: that would definitely beat sky so I would be more than happy with that Reshan! Reshan: Please give me a moment. It was at this point the advisors computer stopped working and the offer wouldn;t be applied right away. Notes were being made and it would be applied shortly. I've tried so hard trying to get this applied and advisors are saying what he is saying is 12 months off the broadband cost which is FREE for 18 months so essentially no difference to the package. From the context of the chat I was having, I assumed it was off line rental but TT are insistant that Line Rental is seperate and not part of the 'package'. I've also been on to the Chief Exective Office and they've been so helpful too......not! The person I spoke to said that what Reshan meant was he was extending the offer of FREE broadband from 12 months to 18 (Even although that's not what is said above) ; that's all the person from the CEO team emphasised - I then found my welcome letter which states FREE broadband for 18 months which was generated before any discounts were applied. I just feel that I have been totally misled into proceeding with the order. I have trailled back through all the chat logs and found this gem this morning which again totally contradicts the executive office's stance ; Joan: You're welcome, okay. Here's what I can do for you. Since the account is still not yet active I will need you to contact us right after the 6 months end to add another 6 months of the Half price line rental. Joan: Now if after 6 months it's not available we will just apply a credit for you equivalent to the offer. If I proceed down this route I can absolutely see what would happen 6 months down the line ..... it would not be honoured whatsoever and it would be more of a headache. Can anyone advise me of what I can do as nowhere is being helpful!
  8. Still not raised via the ombudsman however the complaint is still on going. The bill is due to be paid today and they are now saying the ETF cannot be credited and I will have to pay it. The PAC was issued on the assumption it would not incur any fees and I have several chat logs and advisors backing this up. Over the past few weeks the advisors said the request for them to be waived was being actioned and would be completed by today. Come back on today to be told totally conflicting information and that it cannot be waived as it's "business policy" I have got back in touch with the social team to update this as the last I heard from them they were away the cancellation was in process. Absolutely disgusting
  9. This is still ongoing unfortunately! Finally received the PAC code to which I used and the account finally disconnected..... to then receive a bill for over £705! Being passed from pillar to post with advisors promising it would be credited within 24 hours as they could see it was penalty free....... this was 3 days ago now.
  10. 7/11/15 So despite my 30 days notice being given for the line they agreed to cancel, I've now been told that it's still showing as the end date as being October 2017 and as such I'd be hit with fees of over £800. This wasn't the case when the cancellation notice was served nor was I told this at the time. Sorry for posting so much but it's just going in roundabouts and nobody from Vodafone can seem to help
  11. Heard back from Vodafone's Social team. They just emailled back saying they could see my account was under cancellation (the one line they agreed to) and that anything else to get in touch. Totally ignored the fact I had emailled regarding being promised the 2 lines to be cancelled etc. Sigh.
  12. Should I get the ombudsman involved or should I try speaking with the executive office?
  13. Yet another update! The bill is still not corrected and the advisor I spoke to said the bill would come to £69.73 ; this is with 20% of my £35 a month line and 40% of the £51 line. When I disputed that it doesn't add up, I was told ; Vodafone..... where basic mathematics don't apply!
  14. So another update! The credits are apparantly being updated and a cancellation request was successfully placed for 1 line only today.... the end date had now officially been changed to October 2015. Seem to finally be getting somewhere!!!
  15. Everything is done via the live chat so I have chat log after chat log after chat log. Literally so many! I've spoken to so many managers who just apologise and blame the advisors for not doing their jobs properly. Still awaiting on the Social team getting back in touch so once I hear from them I'll obviously keep you all updated. Still on the live chat atm however they are insisting I am now no longer eligible for this additional £15 I was promised via the live chat Best quote just there ; "We will be unable to credit any incorrect charges on your bill"
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