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  1. Hi Janette So sorry to hear you have been through what I went through with this shambolic company. My advice would be to get e one returned and use a company called Mobile Xchange (google them!) they are excellent and you get the price they quote. Have used them 5 times without problems. However I can see you say you paid the return fee but they still haven't returned the phone. I would try one last time via phone and email advising that you will take action as they have effectively stolen your property!
  2. Just to give you an update, I eventually got my phone back from Cash4Phones over a week after they said they had despatched it by First Class signed for!. . . And for 4 days the tracking number didn't exist! Anyway, I was offered a price of £76 by Mobilephonexchange.co.uk (slightly less than the original offer from Cash4Phones) so sent it off to them! Within 2 days they confirmed they would pay me the FULL amount of £76!!! Lesson to be learnt. . . AVOID the shambles / rip off of a company that is Cash4Phones and go with Mobilephonexchange.co.uk
  3. And if the phone is returned damaged? It seems like too many good people are falling for this company and they are making a tidy profit on the ridiculous charges for returning items! There must be something authorities can do??
  4. Looking for advice! Having major issues with Cash4Phones. . . should have read reviews first but was in a rush to send the phone away, as they chased up my phone with an e-mail saying the offer was only valid for so many days, even though I received the return package 6 DAYS after the date of the letter! Anyway, I was offered £87 for a Blackberry 9860 which I bought for over £150, thought thats fair enough, so proceed to post it. They come back with a derisory offer of £30.48!!!. . . £57 shorter than the original offer and quoting that there was and I quote "Excessive scratching on screen" I would like to point out that this is not the case, I took the liberty to take photos of the phone before posting (which I attach). You will see the screen is near perfect! Anyway, needless to say I won't be accepting that ridiculous offer, so went to reject it only to find they want to charge £8.95 to return it! Absolutely disgusted and no idea how to proceed?! Would be greatful if anyone can help!
  5. Any idea what is the way then? They can't get away with what they are doing?
  6. How have you got on with this? Just I had the same problem. Had a Blackberry 9860 to sell which they quoted around £87, so off it went. Screen hardly a mark on it, normal wear and tear (which they say is acceptable) on the surroundings. They come back with a little offer of £30. . . over £50 less that the original quote! Then have the cheek to say they will charge £8.95 for return, which they never disclosed until AFTER assessing the phone! Wondering what steps to take, threatened Trading Standards!
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