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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Nice one Jubbit, the rest will follow soon. I recently got my full payout plus costs and interest and they also tried me with an offer of about half, then payed out after i had turned them down and completed the allocation questionnaire. They try to offer out consolation prizes or intimidate you in the hope that you might think this is all you can get and accept it and bail out. Good luck, i look forward to following your story to success
  3. Hi there sunburntpenguine, Yes this is the standard response from the standard man. I wouldn't waste you time by sending letters back and forth between anyone. All you need to do is continue with the plan of action that you stated in your 1st letter. So just go to the template library, and send off the letter before action. I posted both letters to my branch and they forwarded them on to the relevant place for me. Then don't be surprised if you get another standard response back again after that. Or they may sent you a letter saying that they are investigating and will get back to you in 10 days. If this happens and the 10 days takes it past the 14 day deadline, then continue to the claim stage. Don't by any means let them think that they can run rings sround you, and by sticking to the time frames you can show them that you mean business. By the way my claim went all the way to the stage where i was waiting for a court date and then they paid out the full amount of over £1000 at the last minute so don't loose faith if it is a drawn out process, you will get you money back Good luck Bonnita
  4. I didn't even send them a copy of the spreadsheet until after i had filed my claim with moneyclaim. All i did was to state in the letter how much i had calculated they owed me and the period of time that i was claiming for, ie the date of the 1st charge to the date of the last. But deffinitely follow Maverik1979's advice and complete the spreadsheet for your own info. It saves you trawling through papers anythime you want to refer to something. By the way don't they have any internet cafe's near where you live? They usually have printers.
  5. Yes continue with your money claim as planned, all be it a little late. They don't need any extra time to fart about cause they've obviously had longer than intented already. There is a spreadsheet that helps you to work out the amount of interest they have charged you for charges that have made you overdrawn or put you further into your overdraft, but you can't claim back interest for any amount of you overdraft that you spent normally, if that makes any sense. It's all very complicated, but if you have a read around it has been explained a bit better than i have done. I didn't actually work this out for my claim cause it was too complicated and i didn't think that the amount it would have come to was worth it anyway. Vampiress has some good advice, i think she made the spreadsheet. Keep us posted
  6. Yes but as long as you have proof of receipt of the letter you can also show that they were taking the mick by saying that they hadn't received it and not complying to your DPA request and the law!!
  7. Seems like they don't really seem to know what they're talking about. Has the cheque been cashed? I've noticed that other people have posted that natwest have denied receipt, but then that a couple of days later £10 cheque has come out of their account??? I would send a complaint to the ombudsman with proof of receipt of your letter by natwest. I don't think the 40 days starts until the money comes out of your account though. Anyone else have any thoughts or been through this themselves? Good luck!
  8. Good luck! Don't be surprised if their solicitors write to you in the interim trying to test your knowledge and understanding and intimidate you by requesting further information under CPR section 18 and threatening that basically your claim is not clear and they will therefore request that the judge throw it out. They tried that with me and others as i have read in their threads, but BankFodder and others told me that CPR section 18 does not apply to small claims. I therefore sent them a letter telling them that i knew this and refusing to supply the info on these grounds. It was after we had completed our allocation questionnaires and after receiving a partial offer and more intimidation about the fact that i should withdraw my claim as it wouldn't stand up in court, that i received a cheques from them for the full amount!! Soldier on. It looks like you're a person that doesn't take any proverbial anyway
  9. Received my payment in full on Friday just gone!!!! £1136 inc interest and £120 court fees. Was just in the process of waiting for a court date aswell so i was well relieved. Don't lose faith yet
  10. Yes they love to try the scare tactics. I guess for them the few people that they manage to scare out of even trying saves them losing any money and spending time! I also think you will get your money back if you stick to your guns, don't let them intimidate you at any stage (cause they will try all the way) and use the knowledge, support and info base on this site. Believe me i was scared to and after i sent my initial letter and my LBA they basically told me don't bother cause i wont get anywhere. Then after they filed their defence they sent me another letter saying that they beleive that my case wont stand up in court and they're going to ask the judge to throw it out, so again i shouldn't bother. Then they offered me £600 (they owed me £1136) and said that i should take it cause i was lucky to even be offered it and if i didn't accept it they were going to tell the judge that i failed to accept a reasonable offer. Then finally after we had both completed our court allocation questionnaires and i was waiting to receive my court date, i received a cheque in the post for the full amount. Reason being that they said it would be more cost effective to pay me than to spend the money on legal fees!! Honestly i was pooing my pants about the thought of going to court, but it's just a matter of calling their bluff and dealing with them in the same way that they deal with you. Just make sure that when you communicate with them you are always to the point and that you always carry out the next action that you have told them you will and stick to your scheduled course of action, otherwise they will think that they can manipulate you and of course Natwest love stalling for time. Good luck and keep us posted!
  11. Hi Haylay22, You asked a question at the end of my post about whether you should bother claiming if you have only incurred £200 in charges and i think you should. It's a matter of principle if nothing else. If the bank were to get away with every small amount of money that they have taken from people that is still a huge profit for them! Also from reading other posts they seem to pay out the smaller amounts easlier than the larger ones, so hopefully you wont have to go through so much grief. Good luck
  12. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe i can hardly contain my excitement!!!! The day after receiving a copy of Natwest's allocation questionnaire from Cobbetts they sent me a cheque for a 'goodwill' payment covering the full amount + interest and £120 claim fees. From reading other peoples posts that have received full payment i suspected that i might get a cheque very soon after receiving the allocation questionnaire, which, by the way, they didn't submit until the very day of the submission deadline. I can see from other posts that they like doing things on the last day, that's if they can be bothered to meet the deadline at all!! Obviously they tried to set the condition that acceptance of this payment by me means that i agree to confidentiality, however after reading Vampiress' posts i sent them a letter saying that i cannot agree to this and giving them 3 days to respond as to whether they accept this or not. I gave them the option of sending them the cheque back if they were not happy, or waivering the condition of confidentiality upon which i would accept the payment and discontinue the claim. They sent me a letter back after 2 days saying that they were willing to accept and therefore i'm off to the bank in a minute. That money is going to go straight to paying off one of my credit cards in full and i will also make a donation to the site. I'm so glad that i stuck to my guns, didn't let them intimidate me with their scare tactics and joined everyone in the struggle. Thank you so much to everyone for their support and guidance and to anyone that has not yet received their money back, or has just started DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will continue to be actively involved in this site and pass on my knowledge/experience to others that need it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  13. Basically a default means that they have communicated with the credit reference agencies and given you bad credit. It then takes 3 or 6 years (i can't remember)of 'clean' living i.e not getting into any more financial trouble until you can clear your credit file. Also means that you would have problems getting credit until your file is clear. I think this is right, but someone please correct me if i'm wrong, or at least explain it a bit better than i have.
  14. Welcome Ollie-Bollie (who wants his lolly!, sorry couldn't help myself) Couldn't have said it better myself!! You deffinitely should have done it all in writing cause then you would at least have had proof of any communication you had had with them. Also if it got to the court stage you would also have letters to bring to court. It seems as though the only thing you have done in writing is send a complaint to Bishopsgate. Anyway my advice is that you had better slow down otherwise you will give the impression (or should i say make it obvious) that you don't know what you're doing and they will think they can run rings around you. Good luck and keep us posted, we're all with you! B x
  15. Hi djl70, As far as i'm aware they have 40 days to respond to your DPA request for statements, so if it's only been 14 days you may have a long wait yet!! If you don't hear anything back by then then they have broken the law and you are entitled to make a complaint. Also if you haven't heard by the end of 40 days other people have put in a claim based on estimated charges. However as you have your accountant then at least you have that to fall back on and if you think that the bank charges outweigh the cost of getting the statements from your accountant, then it's worth it. However i am far from an expert and maybe you should have a read around and see what other people have done and have a look at the FAQ section. All that failing try sending a PM to one of the moderators. Good luck
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