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  1. As I stated in my original post: "the lightning deal was still active, in-stock and within the 15 minutes of placing it in my cart." I did everything correctly to claim this lightning deal, but their system has made a mistake. This is the same system that thinks £100 is less than £12 when you sort by price...
  2. Yesterday, I purchase one of Amazon's lightning deals (Voi Jeans Men's Dutton Relaxed Jeans - £19.99) while the lightning deal was still active, in-stock and within the 15 minutes of placing it in my cart. Unfortunately, they have charged me £50 for these and despite repeated arguements via phone, e-mail and live chat, they are refusing to do anything whatsoever. I then contacted my credit card company to report this - but they just said that it is not fraud because I gave Amazon my credit card details. They also told me that if you give your credit card details to anyone, they have
  3. What exactly is the point of that post? The site wouldn't let me upload files properly or post links.
  4. Unfortunately not, but since this happened I have taken documents to the Post Office to get a Certificate of Posting.
  5. Nope, never recieved the refund - I hadn't really thought about it until I starting getting the 'Failure to Insure' letters :S
  6. Hi everyone, Last July, I sent off a V14 for my car to get a refund of vehicle tax AND to declare SORN. I have a scanned copy of this document here: imageshack.us/a/img6/5034/taxrefundscan.jpg Around November, I started getting letters from the DVLA saying that I had failed to insure my vehicle. I wrote to them to inform them that I had applied for a refund of vehicle tax and to declare SORN but got no response. I am now being taken to court for this offence - which is completely unjustified since I did everything required to comply with the law. A scanned copy is here: imagesha
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