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  1. I've been thinking about this latest letter again this morning; how do RLP think/know that Restorative Justice has failed in this instance? Because they haven't been sent a cheque? Surely if my friend hasn't committed any crime since this incident, it has been successful?
  2. I don't think he has sent the one-liner that some people have suggested. RE: the restorative justice - I think it is a great idea for 1st time offenders to receive this instead of being charged or taken to court. Unfortunately it seems the likes of RLP like to make these offenders feel like international criminals for petty crimes that, basically, the police and shop have deemed too minor to pursue, hence the restorative justice.
  3. A little later than usual this month, but my friend received another, longer letter recently. It seems RLP have read this thread and are slightly annoyed. They also mention that my friend was offered Resorative Justice on the "basis of the civil action being satisfied". My friend is positive there was no mention of any civil action being taken by Wilkinson, not by the police or the security staff. In fact he assures me he was told by the police that would be the end of the matter. And he certainly hadn't heard of RLP or civil recovery before receiving a letter from them, so they must have been misinformed (or they are simply making it up?) Anyhow, as always, if you have any comments on this latest letter please contribute to the thread. Many thanks.
  4. Evening all, Received another letter from my friend today. This time it's from BPO Collections, giving them 7 days to pay the £89.50 "outstanding liability". It's quite surreal; even though they know they don't have to pay these people, it still makes them feel uneasy receiving a letter from a "collections" company. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46519[/ATTACH]
  5. My friends received a 5th letter recently and sent me the attached scan. Should they be getting worried yet? [ATTACH=CONFIG]45589[/ATTACH]
  6. Evening all. Here's a brief summary of the situation. On January 29th 2013 my friend got caught shoplifting some batteries and a sandwich from Wilkinsons. They had never done anything like this before and had never been in trouble with the police. The police were called by security, and my friend was offered Restorative Justice, which they accepted, and were not charged and told they would not have a police record. They were also banned from the store for 12 months. There was no mention of RLP at this point, in fact my friend has since told me they had never heard of them? Then they received the following letter: [ATTACH=CONFIG]45013[/ATTACH] The first thing they did was Google RLP, found this website, and after reading many threads decided to follow the general advice and ignore it. Then, a month later, a second letter arrived: [ATTACH=CONFIG]45014[/ATTACH] Again, they ignored it. (They had received a third letter, which unfortunately has been lost.) Then, today, a fourth letter arrived: [ATTACH=CONFIG]45012[/ATTACH] So now my friend has asked me to post a thread on here, as a diary of events if not anything else, and hopefully someone can put their mind at rest?
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