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  1. Thanks guys, sorry i am only replying now didn't have my notifications on, I shall ignore, thanks
  2. Just a bit of an update on this, I know it's an old thread, the default I had with gothia which states on my credit file it was with gothia, was actually with Wonga they sold the debt to gothia. Remember the whole court case with Wonga threatening people with legal action? Well I got my default removed two years early because I told them I was going to take it further due to the illegal threats that was made to me, i eventually got there in the end but if anyone is in the same situation with Wonga and you have a default which dates around the time they sent threatening letters pretending to be solicitors, well. .. Threaten them back!
  3. I am not sure but they had late payment info on my credit file which dropped off there recently so I am guessing it's 6 years ago, if not I'd say just over 5
  4. Hey guys hope someone can advise me, i was with Co op bank over 6 years ago, i missed a few payments with payday loans and then left the bank to bank with Santander, i didnt pay the pay day loans either, cut a long story short, I defaulted with 3 different payday loan companies, paid them all off eventually even though they all defaulted me, Co op had late payment on my credit file for 6 years, now I have a company called link financial saying I owe 94.58 because of the late payments from co op? It was 6 years ago and it was for bank fees.. i am in a position to pay them but I really do not want to give these leeches any money, it's for late payment fees, can they default me? The late payment for Co op has came off my credit file, there is no history of it, plus link solutions sent the letter to my parents house where I have not lived for 6 years, what's the situation here? Should I ignore it or should I ring them and offer them some money? Obviously not the amount they want..
  5. Yeah my own address is in plain sight, yeah I think your right Co op has sold it on to them, yes Co op is the client il ignore it thanks
  6. I keep a close eye on my credit file, Co op has always been on my credit file as late payment, the closed the account years ago but link f said Co op have not closed the account lol link f sent me my old statements and it says on the last page account closed, they have not defaulted me, I am thinking of just ignoring it as the sent it to my mums address
  7. Hey guys, little bit of advice would be great, I have not banked with co op for around 5 years they have teamed up with link financial to try and get £97 pounds from me, for charges to my old account, there was not any money in my bank account to make a payment to another company so Co op are now 5 years later trying to get it back, plus they sent the letter to my mums address which I have not lived at for nearly around 5 years, should I just ignore it?
  8. Well i have emailed the solicitor to see if he will dump the case but i doubt he will.... the ppi claim is already open with bank of scotland, just waiting on the outcome of the claim, they sent me a letter saying that they will look into the claim again this was over 8 weeks ago so i will probably get a letter soon, hopefully i will get the money and they wont put it against the debt. il let you know either way cheers
  9. no worries il get on the phone to them and try to get them off the case, hopefully they will cancel it fingers crossed cheers
  10. Ah good, only thing is the default has not been on my credit file for around two years..... i do not have any old documents to say who the debt was sold on too.... can i still find out if the debt was sold on? cheers
  11. really? what do you mean they can offset? what if they have sold the debt on? i wonder if sainsburys/bank of scotland sell debts on to other companies? thanks for reply
  12. I defaulted on a sainsburys credit card around 7 - 8 years ago, i paid the credit card off when i got made redundant with the redunancy money i got back in 2003 then i could not find another job so i ended up getting myself back into debt again, i didnt even know i had ppi with the credit card, as at the time i got full sick pay from the company i worked for. I thought id chance my arm to try and get the ppi back even though i didnt know i had ppi, i was apparently paying ppi for around 3 years. I didnt pay any money back to sainsburys, i foolishly let a solicitor try and claim ppi back from the bank of scotland but they denied me, so i went to the Financial ombudsman, they also said no so i gave it to a different solicitor around a year and half ago, just got a letter there start of December 2014 saying they are looking into the case again, am i right to say that the debt will be statute barred as i have not paid any money to sainsburys in the past 8 years? the default has been off my credit report for about 1.5 to 2 years, also if i do get any money from the ppi would it go against the old debt? i am worried about the money going back into the debt and then i end up owing the claim company money. Any help would be great Thanks
  13. i thought i took out all the personal info out of it?
  14. the thing was its now off my credit report as it was so long plus it stated it was late payments , it wasnt defaulted....
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