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  1. Thanks for the reply and for the help with sorting my own post out, I am a newbie to posting on forums generally as you may be able to tell :/ I'm checking the other forum posts out now, some of them are shocking! I would really like to name and shame but I'd also like to make sure it's not going to come back to bite me further down the line!
  2. Recently I posted on a totally different website regarding problems with my gym membership contract. I was very vague with my personal details (as I always am when posting on the Internet) and am going to be forced to be even more vague here. The only details I gave were my first name (which was part of my username) and the month which I signed up for the gym membership, which was involved to give a timescale so other users could help me with my problems in cancelling the membership. The contract itself was taken out with a certain company, which I named in my original p
  3. Hi, I am new here but I am stuck as to what I can do about my engagement ring. My fiancee purchased the ring from a local Ernest Jones branch in November 2012, he gave the ring to me a few days within the 30 Day refunds/exchange policy. I loved the ring and there was nothing apparent wrong with it so I kept it. However, a month later I noticed that the solitaire diamond was moving inside the setting - almost rattling. This was a very expensive ring and I was terrified that the diamond would fall out, so we took it straight back for a repair. One of the prongs (it is a 4-prong setting) had ap
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