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  1. Many thanks and appreciate your help. I'll let you know how it goes. All the best
  2. Hi Emmzzi, Thank you for input. Not sure about the meaning of your words, English isn't my first language. Are you saying that being an in-house job related only, I wouldn't have to pay anything? It's not much money, only I can't afford to pay anything, particularly atm, so I would not be happy with this kind of "surprises".
  3. Hi Conniff, First training was done by a person that doesn't work for our Company. Second training was done by an insider(a Company's employee). The trainer at first training said that if someone wanted to do that training with his own money, would've cost about £200. Many thanks for prompt reply.
  4. Hey there Thank you for reading this. I have been in my actual job for exactly 2 years now. I have received a training in October 2013 and another one a week ago. Now I have found another job - better pay, more free time, satisfaction of doing something that I enjoy ect, so obviously I am going to move on. I am writing this in the eventuality that, they would expect me to pay something back, regarding my training, when I will hand in my resignation in the next couple of days. In my actual job's contract there is a clause regarding training: "The Company will provide comprehensive on the job training as required. In addition, the Company may, at its absolute discretion, wish to provide support by means of sponsorship for employees who wish to undertake job related training. All training agreements will be in writing and will be liable to repayment should you leave voluntarily within two years. Please see your Line Manager for more information." First, I am a bit confused:???: about the "2 years" does it relate to the years of work from start or years after each training? Second, I haven't signed anything at training, first one being a one day training, second one 4 hours. Would they have any leg to stand on? I appreciate all your answers and many thanks
  5. Thank you mastiff, I very much appreciate your detailed answer. It seems to be same with what I've read online and that's that the neurosurgeons opinions usually are divided in 2 : some say is better to proceed to surgery / and or treatment and some to not touch it and let the nature do her job, until there's no alternative than surgery eg tumour grows so big that puts the patient in immediate life risk. As everyone does, I want what is the best for the one I love, so may I ask you where is/are the best place(s)/specialist to go for second opinion? It appears from what discussion my wife had over the phone with the secretary(dunno why secretary), that doctors are more inclined to believe its a glioma. Once again thank you and if have anything else to say please do, I'll be happy to devour your information. Masisu
  6. Hi again, My apologize for not typing anything since.. My wife had since an Mri and an Mri with contrast(the last one) about 2 mths ago. She's received the letter from hospital along with a phone call around 3 days ago..the letter says: "We discussed your Mri scans that you've had over the last few months. It is still not clear with all the experts in the room whether this is a congenital cortical dysplasia or a low grade glioma. The recommendation has been that we rescan you in six months time and in particular we need to do particular view of the brain as it's still quite difficult to see on some slices. If you have any problems in the meantime please feel free to get in contact with either your GP or your neurology department." Am i being paranoid or what? How can they not be sure and if it's 50% chances to be a tumour why no biopsy? Why wait 6 month, when, everywhere i read online it says patients with low grade glioma start imediate treatment or surgery or ...alternatives.. My wife feels exhausted every time i come from work i can see it, but she is trying to keep a positive attitude. This unclear diagnostic and such delay is frustrating and i believe that 6 mths is far too long. I've read about both diagnostics online and don't seem nothing similar with hip replacement, hernia(my apologize in now way i'm thinking these are easy surgical intervention) which are not considered life threatening. Unfortunately we're not actors or well known persons to be treated in consequence. Any advice/reply would be greatly appreciated, Masisu
  7. Once more thank you everyone for your support. Daniella I will try to persuade her, we'll see the results. Nystagmite thank you, if it's just epilepsy that wouldn't be great because i know epilepsy can be controlled, and I do know some people having it and living their lives like any other. She does not have any seizures, although if anyone(me, her parents) talks to her, after couple of minutes of conversation she feels she needs to close her eyes and drop her head so she's kind of out of conversation for 10 sec and she does it quite often. Same thing she was doing in hospital so i presume it's the medication. Thank you for all the input. Masisu
  8. Hi DD, I am worried and feel powerless. I did imagine the mri's are quicker for inpatients. Yes she is taking all the pills that have been prescribed, i believe all of them except epilim are for pain: eg oramorph 10 mg. My wife is quite stubborn(hope she will be right) so she wont go back so easy, if it was by me I would've take her back to hospital whether i can't stand hospitals. Yes, she's been seen by a consultant, that asked her questions like any family history ect, move your head up and down, analysed her eyes, that's all. Shes actually had no seizures before, except nobody knows what happened in the day she went hospital: she was having a coffee with a friend sat on a chair and next moment she fell off on the floor unconscious. Unfortunately her friend was at toilet so she has no idea ab how long it was or any other details. There were other people around her that helped her sit up on chair and that was all. Afterwards she went/walked hospital. Masisu
  9. Hello everyone, Thank you for your support. Sorry for delay but here are the updates: - on 30th I've been hospital and we've seen a doctor that told us she has done only 1 mri, but because my wife moved(she was in pain) in last couple of minutes of it, it was not good, so she will have to do another one. - they've increased her painkillers dosage, this was on 30th at 11 am, and told us they still don't have a diagnostic, and again on 30th she has been released at 4 pm. Makes me wonder if my visit did this. Basically they gave her alternatives: stay in hospital or go home both cases waiting for another mri. They've strongly suggested that my wife will go home(better rest). Part diagnostic - epilepsy, lots of medication: Epilim included. Also they said she possibly had a blood clot(right side of head) which dissolved on its own, so they expect the head pain to go in couple of days. What is annoying, there is no paper or anything that confirms they're saying, the doc verbally communicated to my wife. Now she is waiting for a full body mri (at outpatients:! that will come we don't know when. My wife went to stay with her parents for couple of days, so she can have some peace away from kids, me, visitors ect, but i think something is not all right. She is continuously tired and she looks like even going to toilet is too much effort. The pain in the head and arm has not disappeared and has same strength, she sleeps all night and many hours(7-8) a day. She never slept before in the day time. Now i don't know how suddenly they've found that she is epileptic(my wife is 31 yr old). Shes never had it before and there's no history or hereditary in both families of any heart or brain problems.
  10. Hi again, Thank you for reply. My wife has been seen by a doctor twice, but every time she has been seen he did not say nothing about what is going on, only asked her if she has any family history related to heart or brain problems and every time the same questions. Is the doctor a consultant or should i ask to speak with another doctor. I'm on my way to hospital and work after. Many thanks.
  11. Hello to everyone, Apologize for my grammar I'm only a bit in a rush. Basically my partner has been in hospital(won't say which yet) since last tuesday with a strong pain right side of head (that lasted since a month ago). Also a little lump on forehead. In the same day(last tuesday) she's fainted/passed out, but she doesn't know what happened since she was walking alone. First 2 days they won't give her nothing stronger than paracetamol/ibuprofen stuff. Now she is on smth v strong similar with morphine that sedates her and every time i see her she's very sleepy and anyway looks "drugged". Now her neck is hurting and her right arm is very swallen and she won't move it properly. She's had 2 ct scans and 2 mri's(apparently first was not good or smth) and they won't say nothing about her diagnostic. Now I'm asking you, is this normal not to know what is going on with my wife, she doesn't know, and if she's allright why is she under so many drugs? Thank you.
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