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  1. Hi Kart, how's the development with your case? I'm following closely since I am in the exact same situation. Ta
  2. Here is the CHECKMEND report complete with the handset's description and imei code. [ATTACH]43521[/ATTACH] Thanks for your help!
  3. Hello Mr. Lee, I have come across this thread after just starting another one (still under moderation) on the same exact issue. Maybe moderators can merge both threads. PS. How can I attach files to my posts? Such as my Checkmend report.
  4. So this is my first post (Had I know this place existed before, I would have had way less headaches during the years dealing with cheating companies, less than helpful customer services and being fooled by basically every singer company I have ever signed a contract with, at least when thinking on technology and telecoms) Nevertheless, better late than ever, and in this case I seek advice of a different kind. So I bought a second hand handset from gumtree, a Galaxy S 3 with a crack in the screen and locked to O2, but otherwise in good condition and fully working. Complete with charger, bu
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