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  1. Thanks for all your comments. Definitely won't restrict the pathway as have a 1 year old in a buggy and know how annoying it is when having to walk in the road. No one has done it recently so you're probably right about the rules changing but it's incredibly frustrating and doesn't seem very fair. Just wondered if anyone has resolved a similar problem?
  2. No, haven't applied yet as they make it very clear that it must be at least 5m. You have to apply by completing a form which states that you confirm that there is enough depth.
  3. Hi I'm new to this forum so hope I've got this right! We live in a Victorian terraced house on an unclassified road. We have contacted the local council to apply to have the kerb dropped to create access to park our car off road. The parking is horrendous! The council forms state that we must have 5m depth to apply. We have 4.6m. There are many other houses around the local area with dropped kerbs and off road parking with no more depth than we have. Where do we stand with this? Can we appeal? Is it a case that others have changed theirs without permission and if so what ar
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