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  1. I have recently been a victims of John Pearson whilst it isn't necessary to go into the complete background of the matter save to say that he caused a significant amount of grief stress and inconvenience. His threats culminated in the police having to become involved.. I recently issued proceedings against him in the small claims court it is my intention to enter judgement as soon as possible if those proceedings are not defended or the claim remains un paid. Hopefully a CCJ will disrupt his behaviour to some extent. It seems to me that those who have been a victim of this man need to co ordinate efforts to give trading standards enough evidence to peruse and prosecute this man. To assist in collecting and co ordinating the collection of evidence to present to trading standards I have set up a face book site as a,shared forum to post information seeking to bring this man to justice. The face book address is John F. Pearson Builder. If anyone can build a link to this web page, it will be greatly appreciated
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