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  1. I have spent significant time trying to resolve this with the council and it all feels like it is designed to wear me down. There is quite a lot more to it than this but I could really do with engaging some professional advice to help me resole the issues and deal with the council. Is it acceptable to ask here for any recommendations? I spent Friday trying to engage a solicitor and could not find anyone suitable. Regards, Richard
  2. That is what I thought. I had written to the council and asked them to review the charges of their agent. They have written back and directed me to the bailiff. The bailiff will not deal with me on the matter as they sat they have a contract with the council and not me. Is the act of overcharing a fraudulent act?
  3. Hi they turned up once early in the morning and I paid them on their first visit. No messing around as it was in my wife's name and we had 2 day old in the house.
  4. Hi, I had bailiffs turn up on my door a number of months ago have just asked the council to review their charges as I am not sure they are correct. Can any one give me a view as I think there is £175 in there that they are not supposed to be able to charge. Regards, Richard (editied a couple of time due to image quality and personal data remaining)
  5. Well I guess I must pay for my mistake. I will vote with my feet and not park there again they will lose out. In some months my parking charges are as much as £200 for that spot. Do you think I could request a return of the unused charge for the vehicle that I did not park?
  6. Hi, I guess that I have limited ability to prove that here. I can prove that I commuted to that parking location from about 10 miles away (have hotel receipt) as I work and stay away from home in the week. The parking location is over 100 miles from my home and my wife was using the other car to drop the children off at school at 9:15. The payment time on my ringo account says I paid at 10am, the PCN was at 10.28am. I guess if I was forced to prove it she would complete complete an affadavit and gather witness statements from the other mums. She can not use the car the PCN was issued to as there is not space for all the children and her work equipment.
  7. Hi, I am a regular user of the ringo service in Milton Keynes. Do to some delays I arrived late and booked 24 hours parking using the ringo app. I arrived back to the car at the end of the day confused why I had a ticket on the car. When I looked at the ticket I had parked and used the other registration in my ringo account. As soon as was reasonably possible circa 5 hours after discovery of the ticket I wrote an informal appeal to the email address listed on the PCN. I included evidence of being a regular user (ringo screen shots) and the details showing I had paid for parking on the day concerned but with the wrong registration. I had a rejection notice from the council about 10 days later. The car is registered in my wifes name and today on schedule I received a notice to owner. I totally understand that I made a mistake and failed to use the correct registration but I did pay in full. I feel that based on the contravention code 11 and it's description - I should appeal on the basis that I have paid a parking charge and I have the evidence albeit with the wrong reg. Does anyone have any experience or comment on this that may be relevant or useful? Regards, Richard
  8. Just thought it would be a good idea to update this post following my visit to the Magistrates. Arrived this morning at 9.15, reported to reception there were only 2 other people waiting. The DVLA prosecutor took me into an interview room. DVLA Asked me if I returned the Log book? ME:Yes DVLA: Did I get a receipt from the DVLA? ME: What do you mean a receipt? A note from us confirming an application to change the vehicle ownership? ME: No recollection ME: I sent you a notification of change of ownership and you claim you did not receive it. Yet you send me a document to confirm the change of ownership despite not receiving the logbook. DVLA: Hmmm. I think we need to take a view on this one. We withdraw. What a waste of time.
  9. Hi, I most certainly did unfortunately I do not have any copies but the previous owner before me is a good friend and he witnessed me completing the paperwork and was with me when it was posted, I have spoken with him this morning and he is happy to complete an affidavit.
  10. Hi, I am new to the forum and have found my way here after a couple of Google searches. I wonder if anyone has any experience with similar situations and would be able to offer some advice. This morning I received a summons to appear at Sevenoaks Magistrates on the 21/05/2013 for Failure to notify change of keeper on motor vehicle (Reg no) on 05/03/2012. I am a little bit confused by the summons for a number of reasons: I have sold the vehicle but it was 2 months after the date of the offence - I have the ebay listing still in my account as proof The DVLA evidence attached to the summons shows a vehicle disposal date of 05-03-2012 The Statement of Witness makes no mention of the offence date. I can evidence I was the owner at the date of the alleged offence so it appears they are trying to summons me to appear in Magistrates court to answer why I did not change the ownership of a vehicle on a given date when in fact I was the owner and no transfer of ownership had taken place. I hope this makes sense. Any help or comment gratefully received, Regards, Richard
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