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  1. Hi there Similar success!! Bank offering to settle claim of £739.04 +expenses. I now have to hit them with full amount from both accounts totalling £13,000 - watch this space!! Fiona
  2. Well done!!! My return date is 11/10 so hopefully I'll get the same response as you! Fiona
  3. Hi there I'm claiming over £13,000 between 2 accounts but am testing the water with a small claim of £750 (Scotland) first - if I win I'll then go for the biggie. Failing that - multiple small claims until they get sick of me!! Return date 11/10. Good luck Fiona
  4. Hi guys Just had letter of acknowledgement from rbs re my 'intentions to go to court' letter - no offer - just a reminder of correct address to send claim to! So hey ho, it's off to court we go (at least 12 times with the amount that i want to claim back). I'll keep you posted of my (hopefully)news of successes. Fiona
  5. Hi there I received my letter from Tommy McLean this morning also, so LBA is winging its way as we speak. I'm claiming for over £13,000 though, so will have very sore fingers from typing out claim forms, but it will be worth every blister!!! Good luck and keep us posted Fiona
  6. Hi everyone Thanks for your messages of good luck - I suspect that I may need them! I suspected over the years that we were being well ripped off by the bank, but was absolutely gob-smacked (and embarrassed) by the huge amount. No wonder we were constantly struggling! My letter of 'request for repayment' goes out today, so fingers crossed from here on. I'll certainly keep you posted and help anyone else out if possible. Huge thanks to site administrators for giving me this chance to claim my hard earned money back. We nearly worked ourselves into the ground trying to stay afloat while the bank happily took hundreds of pounds a month of us - for nothing!! Good luck to everyone else and don't give up!! Fiona
  7. Hi there I am also after the RBOS - but for thousands! I started by contacting my branch and they were very helpful! I'm just about to hit them with the 'request for repayment' letter, so we'll see how helpful they are from now on!! Good luck with your claim. Fiona
  8. Pardon me - but in my haste to let you know of the huge total I intend to claim back, I forgot to say Hi to everyone and what a fantastic site! I wish it was available years ago when I was continually arguing with the bank about their horrendous charges. Good luck to everyone pursuing a claim. Fiona
  9. Hi there I've just started on my quest to have charges returned from RBOS and added up the total charges over 2 accounts for last 6 years - nearly £15,000!!!!! Major contributing factor in my recent divorce - they know how to hit you when you're down - don't they? Watch this space - I will never give up!!
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