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  1. Hi All, Just a quickie really for reassurance! I've included a screen shot from my Credit Report with nearly all info removed, can somebody please confirm that this default will removed from my credit file at the end of July(I'm aware it might take a further 28 days to disappear from that date). If you cant read the screenshot the 'Account Settled' date is 31/07/2014. Many thanks and I hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe in these uncertain times DA
  2. Thanks for your quick reply dx. I shall sit tight and await Cabot's next move. DA
  3. Hi CAG'ers Looking for some advice if possible. I took out a credit card with MBNA in 2005, which I defaulted on a couple of years ago. The debt has been sold to Cabot who are now looking for payment. After reading the numerous informative threads on this site I sent Cabot a CCA request in December 2016. A couple of weeks ago I had the standard 'sorry we are unable to obtain the info with the 12+2 day limit but hopefully have the info with me within 40 days'. As the 12+2 days have well passed now shall I send the 'Account in Dispute' letter or do nothing at all and wait until I hear from them again? Thanks for any advice given. DA
  4. One step ahead of you there!!! Interestingly he has just removed the three cars he had on eBay.co.uk and replaced one on eBay.com with a price in american dollars converted to british £ underneath!!!
  5. At what point does a private seller become a dealer?? The seller in question currently has 3 different vehicles for sale on eBay and his feedback shows him as having bought parts for other types of vehicles that I suspect will appear on eBay in due course, I'm guessing a VW Transporter and a Fiat Punto!! Googling his phone number reveals other vehicles that have been sold on eBay (at least 3 others since beginning of March 2013), it also reveals that he has advertised for a full time panel beater on Gumtree! I have contacted my local roads traffic policing unit, VOSA and asked for advice from citizens advice for their opinions.
  6. Thanks for all the advice this morning everyone, some really usefull bits mentioned. I can't believe it is legal to knowingly sell a used vehicle in this country with defects that aren't mentioned! Won't give up on this though!!!
  7. OK thanks for that, he currently has another car for sale on ebay and has sold others as well so will build a 'catalogue' of his vehicles, if Trading Standards wont be interested who do you suggest I contact?
  8. This is what I found on the citizens advice website If you buy a car from an internet auction site, your rights will depend on the type of sale involved. If you buy the car from an auction-style sale where bidding is involved, this is likely to be from a private seller and you will have the same rights as if you had bought the car from the private seller face-face. If you buy a car from a dealer through an internet auction site, for example, from a ‘Buy-it-now’ sale on eBay, you will have the same rights as if you had bought from the dealer face-to-face.
  9. Not sure eBay would be that intersted to be honest and what's to stop the seller selling other vehicles on eBay in similar condition, in fact he has sold other vehicles on eBay since I've bought mine from him and I would not be surprised if they are all defective in some way or another. I'm thinking Trading Standards or similar is the way forward
  10. The car was advertised on eBay as a classified advert rather than a traditional auction, reading elsewhere I believe this gives me the same rights as if I had bought the car from a dealer??
  11. HI All New to this forum and looking for some advice. I recently purchased a car from eBay, it was a classified ad rather than a traditional auction. The car was advertised in excellent condition but on closer inspection the exterior bodywork was found to be in far less than excellent condition. I did negiotiate the price down a little and agreed to buy the car 'as seen'. A HPI check before I bought the car disclosed that it was in fact a Cat C insurance write off and this was not mentioned on the original advert. I was sent images of the supposed damage but it is my firm belief that the car has sustained more damage than I was made aware off. In the process of getting the bodywork sorted it has emerged that the passenger side curtain rail airbag has deployed as a result of a previous accident and has simply been stuffed back into the roof lining and the wiring on the car altered so that no fault shows up on the dashboard or using a diagnostic tool. Can somebody please explain to me what rights I have (if any) or what course of action (if any) I can take against the seller. Many Thanks Chris.
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