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  1. Ok so, i have tried logging into my PayPal account to see if it was still had negative balance but i am unable to, i think that they have deleted my PayPal account! So i guess this is over or?
  2. Ok will do. Will they ever give up?
  3. Still nothing yet... am i safe?
  4. I got a call from an Unknown number today. I dont answer calls from Unknown/Blocked numbers but im gonna go ahead and guess it was Paypal or iQor maybe?
  5. Thanks again Scotgal
  6. So what would everyones verdict be with this right now? I still have heard anything from iQor or Paypal...
  7. Havent heard anything since...
  8. Ok thanks again guys and gals
  9. I recieved an email from PayPal 7 hours ago and im not quite sure what it means... it says ---------------------------- Dear Alex PayPal has made a transfer between the balances in your account for the following reason: Our policy of converting all negative balances to E after 4 days The following transfers were made: Negative balance : -395.82 GBP Covered from : 466.19 EUR (1 Euro = 0.851193 British Pounds) ----------------------------- So now my PayPal balance is negative -£407.11. They just transferred it to Euro or what?
  10. Thank you sir
  11. A letter just arrived from Akinika telling me about the debt with accepted methods of payment and also that If i do not take action to resolve it immediately, they may commence legal action the in the County Court / Sherriff Court. It also says that they may also instruct a doorstep collector to visit my home to discuss my financial circumstances and agree terms of repayment/schedule regarding the outsanding debt. Should i ignore this due to them saying they will send it back to PayPal after i gave Akinika my CRN? The date of the letter is the same day they called me. Thanks again
  12. I just recieved a call from a DCA called Akinika (Formerly known as iQor UK). They were telling me how PayPal passed it onto them and if i knew about the debt and stuff. I told them that yes i know about it and i reported everything to the Police and that i also have a Crime Reference Number. I gave the lad my CRN and he told me they will send this back to PayPal and see what happens from there. Anything i should know for later on down the line? Thanks again!
  13. Another call from PayPal, replied the same way of course.
  14. And again.
  15. They called again. I said the exact same thing and hung up.
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