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  1. Thanks guys & girls. Should I put any of this on my CV so it acknowledges the gap? Or should I just wait untill the interview to bring it up?
  2. Hello again, I was having a clear out the other week & found a HSBC credit Card I used to have around 10-11 years ago. (2002 or 2003) The reason I ask why I should even bother trying to put in a claim, is that I no longer have any paper work or statements for the 4 or so years that I had the card. And I'm also hazey on dates I had the card. All I remember is I got the card when I was around 19 years old & maxxed the card out at £3000 limit pretty fast lol I paid the minimum payment for around 3 years until I had enough of the extortionate interest fees & just cleared t
  3. Thank you for he advice everyone. I at least feel a bit better & more confident than before
  4. Thank you I feel a bit better after reading that.. Bit of dumb question this, but, when they do ask what I've been doing, how long do you think I should answer for? I mean, if i was unemployed for only a month or 2 then I suppose a few sentences should do. But 3+ years... 5-6 sentences, maybe? More? Should I go into great detail or shortish but to the point sentences?
  5. Thanks for he reply. Ashamed to say I haven't done much at all. I'm not a member of any clubs or haven't done any voluntary work. And no, I rarely watch TV. I have family/friends who live up & down the country (UK) who I regularly visit. I go swimming 2-3 times a month. I been to a lot of festivals & gigs. But I'm sure none of these count as they just come under Hobbies/Interests on my CV. I'm not trying to make excuses but I suppose confidence played its part in holding me back from doing things I wanted. Really don't know what I'm going to do if I fall at the 1st hur
  6. Hello, I have an interview next week & I'm really excited but worried & very nervous about it at the same time. The problem is that I've been unemployed for just over 3 years & I don't know what to do or say when the inevitable questions come about this extremely large gap in my employment history. I left my previous employment (just before the credit crunch/recession kicked in) to go travelling for 1 year or more (something I always wanted to do) but just before I was ready to travel, 2 family members passed away within a week of each other & it hit me very hard. So
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