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  1. I havent got anything sent to me at that address as i was just staying there, with a friend, as i was looking for somewhere permenant to live. Everything addressed to me was being delivered to my mums house. I havent done a quote at my mums but i dont think it would of been cheaper at hers anyway.
  2. They said it doesn't need to have my name on the utility bills, it just needs to be addressed to that address! I don't see how they have a lot of proof for fraudulent activity just because someone called them. They have proof of my no claims bonus, at that address, they have proof that I'm a student, they have mo info on me than that anonymous caller! Anyone could be posted someone else's letters, open it, ring a number nd say whatever they wona say, doesn't mean that's the truth and that's their proof! I really just want my money back really!
  3. My car insurance was cancelled without my knowledge! My insurance company had given me 7 days to send them some info or they would cancel it but they cancelled my policy before the seven days were up! Furthermore, they said they're not going to give me back my premium as they believe fraudulent activity was being done but I was not able to prove everything as when I rang to speak to them they had already cancelled it. Is this right, are they able to do that? Please help!
  4. To get my premium back they said i need to send two utility bills addressed to that address to prove that I live at that address. I have already sent them my one years no claims bonus proof that has my name and that address on it so they know i have been insured for at least a year at that address. Were they in the right to cancel my insurance before the seven days they gave me to prove my address?
  5. Its not a proper tenancy, im staying at a friend of a friends place, i just pay him the money and he deals with the bills. I havnt signed any tenancy agreement and they was adamant that it has to be utility bills.
  6. I phoned to cancel my car insurance as i had sold my car, when I phoned to cancel it, they said they had already cancelled it! I asked why and they said someone had called them to say that i didnt live at my address! I told them thats rubbish as i do live there, they said they sent me a letter on the 12th giving me 7 days to prove my address and as they hadnt received anything they cancelled it. I had not received a letter I had only received an email from them on the 18th saying to send them the proof and that i had 7 days from that email to prove to them or they would ca
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